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XJ600 project cafe

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Hi and welcome to the start of my project. I found my little beauty leaning up against a shed in my mates Dads back garden. She looks a little worse for wear after being there for about 4 years, but is coming on slowly. I have got the engine running and will post photos and/or videos if I can as times goes on.

Here is the XJ as I first found her after pulling the canvas cover off. I then got her home and found a mouse nest under the seat, but no mouse lol! Most things are dried out and seized up but are cleaning up nicely. The carburettors were well dried out and full of that lovely tar like substance which took some cleaning out.

I have had a very quick clean up of the back wheel to see how bad things are and it's not too bad underneath

First sighting.JPG

After clean.JPG

Mouse nest.JPG

On my drive.JPG

Still not cleaned yet.JPG

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Not too bad and everything seems to be there 

looks a good project 

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