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My latest project

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Well after buying one of these new build homes we came to realise that the gardens are more like Glastonbury festival than nice tranquil grassy planes. So after re doing grass seed etc etc for the past 3 years I thought screw it and done this..........warning it kinda shows off the female side

Seats / storage area (still need painting and one more to be made) Nikkita had to pose too haha


Fake trees and gravel (some slats still need painting) 


Corner sofa idea


Back rest made from off cut slats


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Yeah don't make it to comfortable mate or your going to find yourself out there in all weathers doing "little job's" for SWMBO!! :lol:

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Looks lovely! Need to get my yard in order... be nice to have a tranquil spot outside. :) Nikkita looks like a little doll... devil in disguise? :biglaugha:

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