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front fork stanchions bent - Xt125 x

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Woke up from a messy night to find i had bent my front forks not to the point where the bike is not road safe but its an eye sore and makes cornering dodgy.

I was due to re up the fork oil and replace the seals but i have bigger problems now lol

The chrome fork sanchions are bent at not the top yoke but the lower yoke.

Iam curious could i take this some where to get them re bent into shape and not have to worry about them.

Or do i have to replace the sanchions.

Also i have found a few DT125 fork sanchions that i can pickup cheap would they fit the XT125x?

thank in advance for help

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Too much weed LOL I have straighten tube's before ,all you need is a press v blocks and a dial indicator but they are never as strong get new/used ones would be the safe way

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How did they get bent?!

As long as they arent creased you will be able to have them straightened, shouldnt cost that much. A slight bend will be fine.

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