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  1. Going to buy new ones and get olds ones straightened because the price turned out to be 35 quid altogether which is good for me.
  2. Any body know if the DT forks with fit the XT?
  3. Woke up from a messy night to find i had bent my front forks not to the point where the bike is not road safe but its an eye sore and makes cornering dodgy. I was due to re up the fork oil and replace the seals but i have bigger problems now lol The chrome fork sanchions are bent at not the top yoke but the lower yoke. Iam curious could i take this some where to get them re bent into shape and not have to worry about them. Or do i have to replace the sanchions. Also i have found a few DT125 fork sanchions that i can pickup cheap would they fit the XT125x? thank in ad
  4. @ Mrweso its a clear primer so the paint was going on top of the red plastic colour. I have bought white primer in hope that it will allow the colour to come out in its right shade. If you have any suggestions on a more adequate primer that would be helpful. I'm stuck as to where I would find the right colour to suit my blue seat cover.
  5. Haha that does ring a bell rub a red nipple hard enough and you can end up with purple nurple. Hers a few pics off my phone. Bought some white primer/clear lacquer. just need a colour to suit the seat
  6. Hi so i have been planning to change the colour of my red yamaha xt125x 07 to blue. So far i have changed the seat covers. Bought a new set of stickers. sanded, primed, colored then lacquered the fairings. Everything looks good apart from one big nasty issue. Its purple instead of yamaha blue. Anyone able to point me in the right direction of the correct colour spray can. Also should i be laying a white base coat down? would spraying a blue colour onto the original red be the problem. this is the colour spray paint i purchased that came out purple. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apico-
  7. I have ones couple extra miles out some of the guys in the mot centre where i am are good guys just a very strict mot centre for some reason. From when i did my work exp in there i noticed the pressure they have on them is immense and the strictness was worse than secondary school. But as for the guy who done me for dual speedo ratings i dunno what that was all about. I will maybe take a cruise upto Ballymena test centre. Always good to have an insider is the rule of thumb for me.
  8. @Paul Dawkins Thanks for clearing things up. I will try get me one of those appeal forms tomorrow. I must admit it was getting overly steamy in my helmet on the drive home as i had just bought a speedo to do the MOT and then i was dealt with a related problem. They have a record for being overly strict in my local MOT centre i know this because i done work experience in there. @Grouch Will do !
  9. Ok so i got the km/h reading on my speedo working by holding the mode button then it flicks on km/h. Where do we go from here.. If i ring them to tell them my speedo is dual reading will they have to pass the MOT? Or will i have to pay for the retest. Another thing i noticed is the km/h is underneath the printed MPH sign which is irritating and bad design flaw but then again i don't see why iam getting annoyed when i use MPH lol BTW Cheers for all the info at least now i am well acknowledged about speedos paperwork said. 305:interior/Glass/Mirrors:Speedometer-not dual marked
  10. My digital speedo on my Yamaha Xt125 x 07 only shows MPH and on the actual screen the mph is printed on with ink.... I asked the guy how in the hell was i suppose to fix this problem and he said google it, i was like waaat da fook :?: The bike has never been mot'd as this is the first time i have had to but any help would muchly be appreciated as i just purchased my speedo to do the mot and now i fail for this mind boggled. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-XT125X-XT125-XT-125-X-07-Top-Bottom-Speedo-Covers-Read-Description-/380569604498?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item589bb75192 as
  11. Would this be possible to fit on my XT125x because i don't like how far my domino throttle grip goes back. I think it must be a full turn or 3/4 turn. If so would something like this fit. or would a 1/2 turn be safer to use. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quick-Action-Throttle-Grip-Set-1-4-Turn-Monkey-Dax-PitBike-Pit-Dirt-Bike-Start-/271156163097?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3f222ab219
  12. Yeah i think you could be right on it being a vacume petcock I will post a few pics tomorrow as i had a last look at the pipes and tbh i would prob do more wrong messing with them. maybe a small video showing the pipes and where they goto etc.
  13. Is the fuel switch the choke? I did like you said and will test her out tomorrow when i get more fuel.
  14. Before i remove and take the carb out could it still be that the float pin is stuck down or the needle valve is not seating properly even if i have not had the carb removed and taken apart. I have only really taken the hoses and airfilter housing off and maybe a pipe or two but i made sure to put it all on correctly. was working correctly before i cleaned around it. I will check the overflow screw now. is the overflow screw same as float chamber drain screw?
  15. I just had a tinker about with my carb cleaning around it doing so removing all the ocnnections hoses with help from haynes manual. When i start the bike up petrol shoots out the overflow hose.
  16. Also just curious do the springs have to be screwed right in ?
  17. As i'm fitting my clutch i was wondering can having to much resistance damage the clutch? Is it better to have a softer clutch?
  18. Ok got resistance. Now i need to know do i tighten the spring bolts right in?
  19. Gears are now changing with bearing in but does still seem a bit lose on resistance on the clutch lever.
  20. @moderator Could this be moved to workshop forum.
  21. Oh aye lol forgot to tell the story behind the problem. I bought clutch plates to replace my worn ones. I drained the bike of all engine oil. I took the side cover off to access the pressure plate. from there i took the pressure plate off and clutch plates. I dunno why i done this but i went ahead and removed the lockwasher nut and took off the clutch housing. then i put it back on. and followed it up with the clutch plates and pressure plate. Does the ballbearing go in with the clutch housing off? or does it not matter.
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