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dt125r 2003 rebuild is has started

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well people its inevitable i would end up pulling her to bits and giving my baby some new life

ive bought a few bits and bobs as follows

newly sleaved cylinder

3mb head

athena gasket set

small end bairings

new piston/rings

anti freeze

led indicators.

im gonna try get this all done before darkness sets in.

now this is the first time i will try anything like this on a 2t so its all one massive learning curve, i was given advice to make sure i give everything a little bit of 2t oil for some extra protection on first startup and to help get the piston/rings into the bore.

anymore tips and advice is welcome, i would take pics but i have just sold both my iphones on fleebay-ill try hunt a camera out but i dont think the white camera my girlfriend has would be a good idea.

WISH ME LUCK (ill need it lol)

cheers people


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I bet the indicators cause the most greif.

If it were my money with that new pot new hoses and clips wouldnt be wasted. Look better too. Whip off the rad and flush that too.

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you know what the indicators got swerved big time, very very poor build quality ill be looking at some smaller genuine yamaha ones instead...

ive got it back together but i couldnt get the temp probe out of the original head and therfore a little bit to much force was given and i have snapped the head of it so im in need of another one.

i found the rattle noise it was the small end bairing far to much play and started to wear away at the pin, i fired it up and it sounds a hell of alot more healthy also put on a 17t front sprocket.

6hrs ive been on at the bike now im sitting having a beer, i leave the rest for another day



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