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xs250 rebuild


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that's the same seat I have on the tracker.

its also very similar to the one on the z. you can see the z hiding under the cover in the back ground.

It fits if you cut the top loop out and I also cut out the indicator mounts. then made a tubular frame to support the seat.

its in my tracker blog if you want to look :)

have had a look and all i can see is the it in the 2010 section where it says how it started. then i cant see a write up or any more info on the rear end or seat unit fitment. or am i just missing it?. i have already cut the rear end down at the rear of the loop, just not cut the loop out.

I assume you are fitting those Aprilia forks on I see in the background?

i have offered them up, and it will be a lot of work to get them to fit, buuuuuut i know a man with a shop. mmmmmm i think i might oh and i dont think the are aprilla forks just some chinky 250 ones that my mate had in his yard and was going to bin..

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well i gotta say this project has been left in the corner with nothing done to it. :whistle:

but i now have afull time job with a monthly income and regular days off, so when the bills are sorted i will have some cash for me to spend on it, so i will get the engine bits ordered and then rebuild it.and

i have also done a bit of a barter with brad at the shop and for my old cb750 engine he is going to done the frame work for me and also make me some yokes and sort out fitting the upside down crosser forks. as drewpy hinted at. :hyper:

i was not going to fit the usd forks, but seeing as work is only 5 miles away and i need to get there all year round i am going for a crosser type look for the bike. so will look at tyre choices for use in snow ect. and fit the usds and also some longer shocks

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cool Beef, keep it up.

I need to visit brad to do something to the Gilera frame for me.

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well todays day off was pretty productive, i got rid of all my scrap out of the garage, had a bit of a tidy up in there as well and did a tip run with a load of stuff from in the house and went and saw brad at the shop.

i went in to see about the frame mods for the seat unit, some repairs to the brake pedal mount area and also heel plates. i also wanted to know how much work would be involved in fitting the usd to the orginal frame. i was going to use the usd forks and xs wheels as they matched and i only had one spoked wheel.

we chatted about the ideas and decided on.....

some one off yokes with the xs steering stem. to allow the fitting of the usd forks. design and construction to be sorted by brads when other bits are done

use the usd forks with the spoked wheel. its a 21" and will have a new tyre fitted, will be blasted and powder coated rim with stainless spokes.

the frame mods needed and the heel plate issue. sub-frame mods needed to fit the seat unit. repairs of brake mount area and heel plates, also a smaller chain guard.

blast the frame ready for powdercoating

using a spoked rear wheel with disk brake. Baz had one on the rack which will be getting used. its a 19" rim and will have a new tyre on it.will need mounts for the master cylinder and also a caliper hanger rim will be blasted and powder coated and rebuilt with stainless spokes.

so i left it with them to get to work on and i came away with a shopping list of bits that i will need to find over the next few weeks.

bits like crosser / renthal type bars, new front master cylinder, pair of calipers, rear master cylinder, new tyres.

updates as and when they happen.....

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update time.

the frame, forks, wheels ect have been at brads for nearly six months and nothing has been done to them.... turns out he is a bit of a con-man and has been ripping people off left right and centre.

so I have now got them all back and now need to find some one to finish the yokes he has started and then the frame repairs....

the engine is now back home, needs to be properly and thoroughly cleaned as there is sand every where from the blasting that was done at the shop. the cases all look good and the rust and shite that was present internally is no longer there and there is no lasting damage from what I can tell.

so plans are. find some one to finish the frame works and yokes. clean and rebuild engine. ect ect ect.....

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well this project may well be dead in the water.

cant find any one to make my yokes and sort the frame.

the frame has had a few bits chopped off, or damaged and the steering stem has been cut from the standard yokes by the basterd who was making the custom ones.

looked at replacement frame ect not worth it.....

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been trying to update this but sites being an arse with links and stuff

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