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Greetings all ! New member in Sweden...

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Hi all !

Ian here - just joined up and saying hello!

I'm now in my third year of 'officially' riding, after a summer holiday in 2007 with a rented 125 reminded me what I was missing!

So finally decided to take the test and bought a fine, little-used XTZ Ténéré, which I maintain myself.

If it was a 'mid-life crisis' I hope there will be many more...

Used to muck about off-road on various trials machines as a teenager, but so far limited mileage on tarmac. I see that changing :-)

Seems like a great community here! Look forward to participating :-)

P.S. I'm British but moved to Sweden 7 years ago. Liking it!

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Greetings Ian from Sweden, nice intro..enjoy your stay, tis indeed a great community here


Thanks! Look forward to sharing experiences... at least after the current tune-up (tank and seat off as often is the case) :-)

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Thx kishan... remember me to London :-)

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