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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post and I need some help with my TZR 50, it has a polini 80cc bore kit, technigas expansion chamber, bored out reed block with polini carbon reeds, high spec inlet manifold, 21mm TNT carb with a polini sponge air filter. I've only just put the carb on, previously was the standard 16mm, it went fine but I always knew it could do more as the powerband was tiny and right at the top of the rev range, now with the bigger carb the powerband is much bigger (and a bit more powerfull) but a lot lower down the rev range and it starts to run out of puff at about 9250rpm whereas before it could pull to 10250, if anyone could sugest anything I would appreciate it alot, thanks! : )
  2. so, here i was driving back to aberdeen, when BOOM! bike revs fly up, and my bike loses power. luckily i was able to coast into a parking place at the side of the road. anyone notice why i was so pi$$ed off ?
  3. So. I was changing my chain the other day, routine job, as you do. I put the nut back on the ale, and started to tighten it up, as again, you do. Then I started noticing how long I'd been sat here for, tightening away. As it turns out, the previous owner hadn't used a high-tensile nut on the axle, meaning I've completely threaded the nut. It's now SMOOTH inside. So, my steadily-more-urgent problem now, is WHERE DO I FIND ONE QUICK?! It's an M18 x 1.5 nut.
  4. So I was just given a 1981 xs850 Special that doesnt run and is in terrible condition. Ive really got nothing but time and would like to learn how to fix this bike. Ive started by stripping a bunch of aesthetic parts and am now in the middle of removing my carb to rebuild it. Does any one have any advice or know of any good links to help me on my journey? Thanks for any info!
  5. hi there, so its not a yamaha, but im hoping someone on here could help me a bit? i have recently bought a gilera runner purejet 50 2004, as a project (sorta) i was told all that needs doing is a new ecu is needed, because the other one burnt out, so i got it home took the old ecu off, went on ebay and bought a 2nd hand one (description said fully working) and put it on the bike, the bike fired up first time but then, i took the battery off to charge it because it was going flat, i took it off put it on charge and left it for the night, next day came out to the bike put the battery back in, turned it over, and it wasnt sparking? i noticed that the engine management light was flashing.. ive checked the wires, there all intact, im really looking for some suggestions of what to check, is there any way to check the ecu? thanks. kyle.
  6. hi, i have a YBR125 '61' and have bought the official Yamaha LED blinkers - http://www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk/accessories/?productCode=YBR125&redirect=false - installed them as it shows.. indicator with the resistor in parallel with it and they supply 2 10ohm resistors, i have installed front and rears of these and they flash too fast and are illegal at the speed they flash. does anyone know of any ways to sort out the speed of flashing without installing a new relay? i have tried installing more resistors but still doesnt seem to help. the original bulb indicators were 10w/12v and my battery is 12v. any advice will be much appreciated. thanks. Oli.
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