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  1. it wont let me post into for sale section :/
  2. hi all, i am selling my Yamaha YBR125 '61 plate as recently passing my test and wanting to move to a XJ6/ER6F (undecided) If interested please check the attached link below http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201203442639443/sort/priceasc/model/ybr/make/yamaha/radius/10/quicksearch/true/postcode/me157el/page/1/usedbikes?logcode=face
  3. hi, i have a YBR125 '61' and have bought the official Yamaha LED blinkers - http://www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk/accessories/?productCode=YBR125&redirect=false - installed them as it shows.. indicator with the resistor in parallel with it and they supply 2 10ohm resistors, i have installed front and rears of these and they flash too fast and are illegal at the speed they flash. does anyone know of any ways to sort out the speed of flashing without installing a new relay? i have tried installing more resistors but still doesnt seem to help. the original bulb indicators were 10w/12v and my battery is 12v. any advice will be much appreciated. thanks. Oli.
  4. thanks blackhat250, i will do and ill try conacting him oldgitonabike, thanks for the advice
  5. Hi all, im new to here and pretty new to motorbikes.. but was wondering if either on a YBR125 (11plate) it was possible to remove the baffle and if not, the recomendations on an aftermarket exhaust for it? to make her *prrr* a little louder and maybe give her a little more push, if i lose a little power im not too fussed. plus was after some recomendations in general on mods/aftermarket peices for the YBR125? all suggestions very thankful =D
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