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Found 7 results

  1. After my YB100 was written off, I've had a courtesy YBR125 which was very nice indeed TYVM. Last week I decided to get a replacement bike and had the choice of this for a grand or this which wasn't 80 miles away and has only got 8 miles on the clock and still got 10 months warranty. I didn't fancy riding from Southend to Margate in this weather so I went for the custom (which I'll be picking up in the morning). I will probably still be asking my self if I did the right move in years to come. Ho Hum, next step is getting a wind-shield and hand guards. Ebay, bike store or stealers??
  2. hi all, i am selling my Yamaha YBR125 '61 plate as recently passing my test and wanting to move to a XJ6/ER6F (undecided) If interested please check the attached link below http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201203442639443/sort/priceasc/model/ybr/make/yamaha/radius/10/quicksearch/true/postcode/me157el/page/1/usedbikes?logcode=face
  3. Hi Guys and Girls, Just a question of curiosity really, and its my first post, I have had a 2006 YBR125 for the last 18 months and i have put 16,000 of its 20,000 miles on it, it has a full service history (just to keep the book up to date really) and i always service the bike myself aswell in between actual services, just for peace of mind and to keep it running as good as the day i borght it, all parts needed are replaced as soon as they need to be and i don't put spending the money on it off when it needs to be spent, all in all it is a very well looked after bike, however i ride it in all weathers including last winter, which as many of you remember in the UK it droped to around -19 degree's. coldest i ever rode it in to work was -17, took the following day off after that lol. this lead's to my question's of how may mile's should i be doing before i replace the wheel bearings? (just had to do the sprocket carrier bearing at around 18,000 mile's) and i think i should be replacing the wheel bearings around now even though they feel fine, (more just for peace of mind again really, would hate for them to lock up at 50mph) and secondly, what is the life expectancy of these bikes? it doesnt owe me a penny yet as i have hardly had to spend a penny on it other than general maintanance, Chains, sprockets ect... Thank's for looking and will look forward to here your reply's Cheers Tris
  4. Hi everyone, i have a ybr125 and quite frankly the headlight is Sh!t, i have upgraded the bulb to a 40/45W halogen whitch made a dramatic differance from the standarrd bulb however for night time B roads its still a little scary. now im not an idiot trying to street fighter a 125 or anything, however.... i have seen the dominator headlights and standard they take 60/65W bulbs added to that obviously there are two of them next to each other.... i also have a 55w bulb but that is blue... so quite hard to make out what different objects are at night when everything is blue, and i cant seem to find any brighter bulbs to fit the standard headlight... so im wanting to know do any of you have any experiance with the dominators? or know of a much brighter buld to fit my standard headlight? hear's a link to the dominators that i am looking at... http://www.demon-twe...nator-headlight i know it would probably look rediculouse on a YBR, however it is purely for practicality as i use it as a work-horse commuter. any feedback on this would be muchly appreciated, thanks Tris
  5. Wotcha everyone. My name is Si and I'm new to the club. I decided to do my CBT at the begining of November having never ridden a motorbike before, to satisfy my mid-life crisis. That is not as bad as it sounds. Kids have grown up and are going to Uni, leaving me, a single middle-aged bloke, with loads of time on my hands (I do shift work) and working through a bucket list. I was talked into buying the YBR125 by the bloke in the shop where I bought my helmet and gear from. I've only done about 300 of the 600 running in miles and have to keep the rev's low, but thats just as well, as I am using the bike to commute the 8 miles to work and back plus the odd weekend fun run. I am still trying to build my confidence on the road, which is hard on these cold, wet, mornings and evenings with some impatient motorist trying to drive up my 'Ah, Sole'. Cornering / Bends, in the wet still makes me crap myself as I am hypersensitive about sliding and falling off. Still can't judge how fast I can do it, so end up going about 5mph. Hill starts are another thing that can get me flustered, especially at lights with loads of cars behind. A mate told me to 'Claim the road' and drive in the middle, otherwise people will try to wiz past and cut you up. Still, its early days yet, every day in every way etc Any advice on cornering in the wet, hill starts, clearing wet visors etc would be appreciated. All the best. Si
  6. Hi guys, I have recently passed my CBT and bought a new YBR125. I am no spring chicken and a bit of a wide load, so I find my rear view somewhat restricted. Has anybody found a work-around for this problem? replacement mirrors of extended stems etc? That will fit my bike. I have looked around the inter-webs and local motorbike shops but, as yet haven't found the solution. So I thought I'd come to the experts, one of you fine fellows, or fellesses must have the answer. Looking forward to your replies, Si.
  7. Hi all, im new to here and pretty new to motorbikes.. but was wondering if either on a YBR125 (11plate) it was possible to remove the baffle and if not, the recomendations on an aftermarket exhaust for it? to make her *prrr* a little louder and maybe give her a little more push, if i lose a little power im not too fussed. plus was after some recomendations in general on mods/aftermarket peices for the YBR125? all suggestions very thankful =D
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