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  1. In my opinion regardless of the size of your bike braided brake lines are a fantastic upgrade to the feel and power of your brakes. It would be the first thing I would upgrade on any bike I owned. Hope this helps
  2. I think that you couldn't go far wrong with an mt09. It's a helluva bike and can do everything you could ask for. It is certainly on my wish list! Hope it helps but try to ride as many as you can before you part with your hard earned. A suzuki Sv 650 is also worth a look. Lot of bike for your buck.
  3. Hi Andy it would be my pleasure to help our boys out with some reading material. i will be sending all of my mags onto you in the future. on sunday i was on the afghan heroes rideout in wotton bassett,it was amazing to see all the support from bikers and al the residents for our troops out there. it was an honour to be part of such a momentous and worthy event. cheers to you all and keep your heads down. Marcus
  4. tandy

    New guy here...

    hi ash, welcome to the area buddy. im in bristol if you fancy a natter drop me a line. there are some nice roads and rides {yes they are indeed gert lush} out towards the lakes and you have to give Cheddar Gorge a blast {avoid sundays!!!}. cheers Marcus
  5. i really rate Michelin road pilot sports.they beat the crap out of the Bridgestones i am on at the moment [cant wait to get rid of em!]. i ride my Fazer every day and they were ace in all conditions [Awesome in the Wet] including a track day around Mallory park. best of luck Marcus
  6. greetings and salutations anderboogie! A Triumph is nearly as nice as a Yam! what's your ride?
  7. tandy


    i totally agree! let the gurkhas live here they have earned it and they see it as a great honour to serve in the british army......seems a little hypocritical that the illustrious fuckwit incharge of this country is saying you can fight and put your lives at risk for us but get stuffed we dont want you living here!.........WANKER!! THE GURKHAS HAVE MY VOTE. well done for raising this one. cheers all Marcus
  8. tandy

    Newbie Hello

    greetings newbee and congrats on passing your test! do you have a name?? nice bike and welcome regards marcus
  9. hi kenny, pretty bike bud. if it was mine i would replace the exhaust [check this one out on ebay item no 220409269492]and fit some rim tapes on the wheels and possibly a double bubble screen.oh and replace the standard rubber brake hoses with some hel braided ones...the difference in your brakes will be amazing! best of luck mate Marcus quote name='kennyr6' date='May 6 2009, 07:48 PM' post='90213'] hi guys i was hoping alot of you could have a look at this pic of my bike and tell me what you think of it I was also hoping you could give me some pointers in what extras i could add to make it look that little bit special. thanks kenny! oh and please be honest. ta
  10. thanks Steve,had a look on ebay and there were only rears for fazers,but plenty of R1 stuff. but i think i may have answered my own question anyway and 98-01 R1 wheels should fit.
  11. i have been riding bikes since i was 16 my first was a Yamaha V50m....[what a weapon!] and i have always gave other bikers a nod or a wave,i think it is a great idea and it sets us apart from all the cacooned car drivers out there.that is the great thing about biking,we are all as barking mad as each other! even the wife enjoys it when we are out and she gets a wave from another biker. have noticed some of the cruiser brigade don't tend to bother reciprocating though.seems to be mainly sports bikes who respond around here. i have even got nods from the trailie riders but i will nod to everyone.
  12. HI ALL, here's a little teaser for you. unfortunately i had a rather surprising encounter with a large lump of concrete halfway around a right hander on saturday and took a chuffing great lump out of my front rim! was wondering if anyone knows if a set of R1 wheels will fit on my 2001 FZS Fazer 1000 and if so what year R1 wheels can i use? Kind regards to all Tandy
  13. tandy

    fz6 bars

    hi Sim, i have fitted a set of renthal bars onto my 2001 Fazer thou and just drilled the bars to accept the peg on the throttle housing that stops it twisting (we cut the one off of the choke housing and that does certainly tend to move around a bit--you really don't want the throttle doing that on you!!). the bars are very thick and i don't believe you weaken them dangerously. as i said my bars are great and i have ridden a good 3000 miles since fitting them in the summer. P.S.the only thing i had grief with was my levers would foul on the wing mirrors.the answer is to get your mitts on a set of Trak Tek adjustable levers from Busters Accessories.(i paid £35 each for mine and they are the mutts nutts!). hope this helps Marcus
  14. hi Steve.....you sound like you have a decent idea of what you are talking about to me buddy. good call. by the way if any of you guys are up for a spankin trick set of new adjustable brake and clutch levers for your bikes, i have just fitted a pair of Trak Tek ones to my 01 Fazer 1000.....34 quid a piece from Busters accessories....they are the dogs danglies! highly reccomend em. all the best boys Marcus
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