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    Right dropped my old 1998 fazer 600 last week on some diesal gutted, but i figured it was time for a new one as my licence restrictions have just eneded.... This is my old one, loved it to bits but well its just about beyond economical repair, fantastic bike just could have done with half the 40,000 miles on the clock. This is this summers new ride.... and i cant wait to get on it
  2. This was my pride and joy
  3. Just on that sorry i cant post a picture because ive been trying for the last hour and still failed. Sorry.
  4. Hi, i bought a TZR as my first bike 3 years ago now and well i bought a wreck, faring was chipped, lights and indicators were bodged, the fixing plate for the fairing had been damaged screan shattered and all was holding it was a protective film, basically it was a mess, £200 later she was a beaut. Thing is you get what you pay for, i paid £650 for mine and although she wasnt perfect but the engine was as sweet as a nut. What im trying to get at here is its the engine you need. Personally looking at it its over priced for me and if i were you i would look into the same model at £795 as she looks in the same condition just about and will save you £600. But thats just me, if your intent on that kinda money spending then id suggest either a 250 or but the £795 spend some money on her and for the same price as the other you could have wheels powder coated, fairings resprayed frame powder coated and so on. Ill post a pick off my old one.
  5. Well, i rung the AA this morning in discust, (sorry to the woman on the end off the phone) and tried to ask why i wasnt covered, she said same thing it went down as an accident so not a chance, it was £108 for 10 miles (like pissing in a ocean im 60 miles from home) and i then asked what would have happened if i had had a flat tyre she said "yes we would have taken you home", i then asked what if i had got a flat tyre and then fallen off and she said "sorry i cant comment on that". Lesson learnt im paying an extra £500 for fully comp on a fazer 1000 which should be arriving sometime in the near future. Sheer speachless at the side of the road though which i was trying to prevent happening to someone else. My old man is with Carol Nash and apparently his covers him for getting home he read his small print after what happened yesterday, his words to me after he had read it "you've been screwed over all ways up". Oh well.....
  6. The bike is reasonably damaged, mostly cosmetics though, engine cover, mirror footpeg and gears that kinda thing hopefully getting it soughted by next week and then she is going she dropped a valve on me back end off last year this is second strike although not her fault and im not prepared to have a third incident on it. Gutted that my insurance and breakdown cover wouldnt come and collect me though (just a tip, i rang them this morning and if i had said i had a flat tyre then they would have come out) so ill know for next time, just wanted to stop this happening to anyone else. Alex
  7. Oh just as a Ps note, I would like to thank all the bikers who made sure i was ok, i really really appreciated it so thankyou all if you stopped or gave me a thumbs up to make sure i was ok. THANKYOU
  8. Right, lets not beat about the bush, Im a FZS Fazer 600 rider, ive been riding 4 years and today i took mine up to whitby. Comming back i hit a patch off Diesel and next thing i know im on my backside on the road thinking shit this isnt good. I picked myself up and thankfully the man comming the opposite way in the lorry stopped and so did the man in a Shogun so thankyou to them. They helped me pick my bike up move it to the side of the road. Then some dick walks towards me and tells the lorry driver hes going to have to move because hes causing caos (CHEERS MATE). Anyway me then thinking right i have Roadside recovery from AA, and ill not refraim from naming and shaming here, I bought their policy thinking i could get home should the unexpected happen. WRONG. I payed £120 for me to be covered and the woman on the end off the phone says "sorry sir we only cover electrical problems, ill put you through to someone, hold on," "hello, it will cost you £120 to do 10 emergancy miles" Fu**ing brilliant im 70miles from home. Right ill ring my insurance, they said, " we can only revocer the bike you will have to make your own way home sir, we will keep it in a storage compound where it will be safe" "you cant take me or the bike home" "No sir our drivers arent covered to carry passengers" So heres a little tip, go check your small print because ive had an accident today because someone spilt diesel on the road, and despite paying hundreds off pounds for cover for things like this to happen and make sure i can get home. I couldn't. PISSED OFF MUCH. RANT OFF.
  9. I was in St ives and it was just east off bodmin moor i payed £1.47 at a BP garage, theirs irony for you British petrolium lol.....and yes i agree no longer will the average working man or woman be able to afford cars, the problem with that is out off the vast number off workers in this country i wager 95% use some form off transport to commute, further still just about 99% off things you buy from anywhere at some point transported by something which needed a combustion engine which needs PETROL.
  10. Was in Cornwall a few weeks ago (i live in sheffield) i had to put £10 worth in at £1.47.9 Wasnt a happy man its a discrace.
  11. Turns out come August we will all be paying £1.40 per litre, want to pay £14 for 10 litres i dont. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/536 Please go and sign takes seconds to do and it might just work, might been operative
  12. Would like to thank anyone and everyone who has signed this, keep spreading the word, we have a vote which means we have a choice, stand up for your bike and vote with your feet and your name Keep telling bikers because this discrace simply should not be allowed to happen. Its time to make the little guys on the bikes the big voices. Time to stand united.
  13. Hi just thought i would bring this to the yamaha owners club website, this is a pertition to stop the new regulations regarding the 2013 bike test into force. Please sign it, this could wipe bikers and biking off the map. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/27455 Thankyou
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