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  1. jeepurz

    been busy.

    her and her little sis.
  2. jeepurz

    been busy.

    welp that was fun.
  3. might clean it up good, start it then blow some baby powder in the general area, that should help track it down. itll pool up on the powder.
  4. those ol tripples are a great platform for any style. good luck.
  5. jeepurz

    my yammys

    vid with poor sound quality.
  6. jeepurz

    my yammys

    A little update last years bike, its not a yammy but its fun.
  7. oops, 250. ive got a digy cal but there bouncing around I just wanna be sure before i spend the $ on a set. thanks.
  8. jeepurz

    been busy.

    thanks drewpy, wiseguys choppers sells 3 versions of those, purty cool. Im doing the sheet metal and the rest. Really wanna push myself on this one..
  9. jeepurz

    been busy.

    thought Id toss in some pics of my project im currently workin on. 79 xs650 yz wheels & fork , goosenecked by joewiseguy , 2-1 intake from joewiseguy, been hammering out the fender / seat . Alot of sheet metal work on this bike, im lovin it.
  10. anyone know the meas for uppers on a 99yz, 2 stroke forks, im wanting to put clipons on it (chop project). thanks in advance. jeep.
  11. jeepurz

    Classic Road Tests

    thanks for posting this!
  12. Id go fuses first then start with GND, be sure you dont have a GND wire off somewhere, Im not sure on this model but some yamys have a GND inthe headlight bucket, should be 3 blacks joined, goin by memory but I think itll kill the electrics to ACC's.
  13. jeepurz

    Been a while.

    whats up, glad you posted I need to bookmark your blogspot!
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