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  1. To fit a 99 Sr engine in a 95 , you either need the 99 wiring loom with it, or fit the 95 stator with cover & also the flywheel in the 99 engine .
  2. If everything is ok with the bike apart from engine go for it , there should be no reason for it not to work , your old unit will power the bikes electrics & if it was ok before it should be in the new one , It is the only major difference, plus the new one will have automatic cct which is a plus & a different carb that shouldn't be an issue & work near enough the same , They are very prone to top end failures, regular oil & filter changes valve clearances will prevent that , you could refit the new flywheel etc to the old lump & sell it to get some cash back ? Good luck with it
  3. It's not a hard job realy , to swap the the stator & flywheel , with a puller .
  4. Also reset the needle & check the air filter , clean & re'oil or replace it
  5. Short answer is no , you either will have to swop flywheel & stator + cover or wiring harness . Any other questions check here first , its nice to be nice & yes you should have posted in the workshop http://www.yamahaclub.com/forums/forum/48-noobs/
  6. The guvna disk lock is too tight to the hub on the ybr , so I filed a few mil off a corner & now fits ok also it will fit on the sprocket ,which makes it a bit more secure, as it's harder to remove rear wheel etc.
  7. root

    Givi box for YBR

    I only have a box , because it came with the bike & it's a givi monolock quick release one , so I can take it off in seconds , but still too cumbersome to carry about . PersonalyI wouldn't buy one myself , prefer & use a rucksack most of the time .
  8. root

    Givi box for YBR

    Practically any will fit , you just have to decide on what size you need & if you want a removable or fixed one. Look on ebay YBR's for sale,theres always some with givi boxes on to give you an idea .
  9. root

    Classic Road Tests

    Dont know if this has been here before ? looking back a few years . http://www.abacuscaralarms.co.uk/bikes/Test_Reports/index.html
  10. Yeh probably , I read it as it had been running rough after rebuild from start . 15 minutes to check timing marks wouldn't hurt if unsure ?
  11. Did you do the top end yourself , or did a shop do it ? only asking , because if you are one tooth out on the camchain it would be running rough & could cause more damage .
  12. If the stock tyres are the same as earlier models & they are tiwanese nylon ones , they are well known to be crap Riding on even damp roads practically upright & roundabouts extra steady ( I didn't trust them at all ,they have really bad reveiws ) I changed mine with only 600 miles on them for some michelin pilot sporty, the handling / braking etc vastly improved I throw the bike all over now with confidence & sold old tyres on ebay for £40 , So the new ones ended up costing £70 fitted.
  13. Personaly , I would not ride a bike especially 4 a stroke until it has warmed up & normaly when cold I do for more than 5 mins , sod the neighbours . Riding from stone cold will not do the motor any good . And if it's running ok after 5 mins, I would leave it as it is
  14. Will the engine still turn over with the starter motor ? ( meaning is the engine free & not stiff or seized ? ) I dont know what popped ?? If it turns over , It may still not have enough power to start, I would give the battery a good charge , as being left out & just starting for a few mins every day , especialy when it's very cold, could 1 drain the battery & 2, with not getting it to full operating temperature it will draw moisture in, condensation & this is the steam ( not smoke ) that you are seeing . If the bike has a sight glass for checking oil level you may see evidence of this , like milky water in the oil If it does start warm it up & give it a good long run like, FZR said to boil off any moisture & it should be ok, smokewise ?
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