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  1. There was a big break in the wires so it never worked well. Just trying to find this phantom earth and looking at all options Thanks Gareth
  2. Not had a new ignition but the ignition has been apart, is there more than 1 way to put it back together? I always kept one wire of the meter on the red wire leading from the battery to the ignition and once ignition was turned it would make a continuous circuit everywhere on the bike. Out it away now not much the wiser but a few stellas to the good lol maybe things will be clearer in the morning Thank you for all your help
  3. I was checking continuity of wires, and when i checked the red wire it went all the way to the ignition, but once ignition was on I could have one end of the meter on the red wire to the ignition and the other end to the frame of my bike and it still showed a continuous circuit. I am wiring it up from haynes manual Thank you Gareth
  4. I have disconnected the rectifier but it still doing the same. Wires were broken around the steering head before I took it apart but they all ok now. I just can't see where the live wire is transferring to the chassis to make everything a continuous circuit Thank you for advice will go and check again tho gareth
  5. Sorry guys I have gotten a multi meter, disconnected battery to charge it up and started checking wires. It seems as soon as I turn the ignition on the whole bike is connected to the live wire. i.e multimeter on red wire where battery connects and the other end will beep no matter what wire I put it on including the chassis. Anyone know where this troublesome earth could be? Could it be the ignition? Any Ideas would be appreciated as I really don't want to be taking it all apart again to see if I can find it. Or anyone local enough to pop in and lend a hand? I can promise tea and biscuits Thank you in advance Gareth
  6. This is the second time of putting the wires back on, they all seem to be continuous and correct. (pain in the a**e to wire back up in behind the light LOL) I have wired it up according to the Haynes manual, Next sunny day I am out there trying to sort it and getting you guys some pictures. Charging battery up now Airhead the charge doesn't last very long when it is cold and the bike is not running. Rectifier is under tank not had chance to examine it yet, think it is in right way as I followed the instruction, but was wondering if it wasn't the right way would this have the same effect as cutting out all my electrics? Fuse is present and correct. Blackhat I've never been to Scotland maybe a challenge for me once done eh? LOL
  7. No nothing at all, theres power coming from the flywheel but I am not sure what it should read. Battery is now discharged but it used to get power when i revved it. I am at a lost LOL before when it was bodged a little the indicator relay was only a 2 pronged unit instead of a 3. Could this be the cause either. Anyone want to come and have a look with me?? Be a good trip out for you blackhat LOL
  8. Sorry guys I have finally gotten round to getting the bike back together with a new light. So I have put everything back together pictures to follow, looking good but now I have got no electrics working, nothing at all. I can get the ignition to turn the bike ready to start and to turn off the engine Checked fuses and power supply but nothing is happening with lights or anything. Could this be just me getting the rectifier the wrong way round, a bad earth or is there something really simple I am overlooking. Thank you in advance Gareth
  9. gazward

    Decals for RS100

    Thank you for your suggestions will look around and find the best
  10. sorry for late reply, is it a full mudguard like this one? How much? Cheers Gareth
  11. WOOHOOO! Finally got my paint job back. Going to fit first thing and then post pictures. Sorry I have not been updating regular but been waiting for this moment.
  12. have you checked all your earths? If you have a bad earth then sparking to and from the earth connection can drain your battery and stop it charging efficiently
  13. gazward

    Decals for RS100

    Cheers i'll have a look at them and see what they do
  14. It was suggested to me that if the bike was running and didn't have a problem with leaks or fuelling then I should probably just leave it as if I remove the surface rust it may leave a weakness in the tank. I was told it was due to it be stood for a long time with no fuel in, and if I am going to use it regular then it shouldn't rust up anymore. I've already sent the tank for painting now so I hope that is true. I am hoping for a completed bike which looks tidy, hasn't cost me the Earth and one which I wouldn't be scared of riding every day. i.e not concour, Thank you for your advice if it does start to act up then I would for certain give it a go. Gareth
  15. Thanks Buzzer, at £400 he a bit steep for me, if I was working towards concourse standard then it would be a no bainer, but all I am trying to do this time is to tidy up the bike so that I have got a usable all year rounder. I took the tank and panels to Lant Lane in Tansley and they are going to do it for £150 but I have to do my own stickers Cheers Gareth
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