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  1. You're right - I know i'm only early in my riding career! Adjusted the clutch cable again today, replaced the perch as the mirror thread was damaged and the adjuster was a bit wobbly (pretty sure the bike has been dropped onto its left side previously). Tightened the mid-cable adjuster so there wasn't so much adjustment needed at the handlebar end - at the lever I wound the adjuster out until the lever had no free play, then wound it in 1/2 a turn which left about 10mm free play. Ride out to the car park where i've been practicing - perfect. Gears selected fine all the way there. Bei
  2. Just to add info from todays ride: Keeping upwards pressure on the lever whilst letting the clutch out makes changing 1st - 2nd work 100% of the time. 2nd-5th works 99% of the time (more my technique maybe letting me down here) without holding the shifter up/down. 2nd - 1st is much more difficult - it feels like you're at the bottom of the box, even keeping slight pressure on the lever before bringing in the clutch doesn't help it. Once at a standstill, it'll sometimes go to 1st, or then go to neutral / a false neutral - a slight sharp tap on the lever then will make it go into 1st -
  3. So far i've ridden around my estate, and up to a car park to practice - on the way is when I really noticed it playing up and also in the car park - so ended up riding around in 2nd and just using the clutch (great for practicing clutch control!) most of the time, including pulling away in 2nd, and figure of eights in 2nd too. I just don't want to use 2nd for everything and get lazy on the gear changes for when I go to a bigger bike (if). Points taken on board - i'll still check everything tomorrow and the clutch cable adjustment - but plan for another ride tomorrow eve when it's quietene
  4. Hello peeps! Background: Car driver for 11 years, have rode a motorcycle on 4 separate occasions now (CBT, lesson, two rides of my own bike). My 2006 Yamaha YBR125 is being a bit of a pain in the rear when changing gear (see what I did there?) - to go from first to second it will sometimes get stuck in neutral. Double declutching (letting the clutch out, and then pulling back in) sometimes helps, other times I have to come to a stop, and fiddle with the lever until it finally decides to go into a gear. This is particularly annoying when pulling out of a junction, and going up a hill
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