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  1. Hello, I am looking to replace blocked injector on my YBR125 (2007 model). It appears that YBR125 injector is far more expensive compared to YZF125 or WR125. Could anyone please help me with the following: 1. What is the flow rate of original injector fitted in ybr125 (2007)? 2. Can I use slightly higher flow rate injector? 3. Are YZF or other Yamaha 125 injectors (with two pin connection that look same as ybr125 injector) actually same in physical dimension? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, From the circuit diagram of YBR125ED 2007 model, it appears that there are three diodes marked with 40. Are there actually three diodes and if yes, where are they located? Once turned on, should the light green and black&white wire show continuity to earth or a little bit of resistance? Thanks
  3. Hi, Just a little update. I rechecked the neutral light and it appears that light blue wire that is connecting neutral light to neutral switch is not fully grounded. It is showing some 0.5v while brown is showing 12.6v. When I bridge light blue wire (in the headlight shell) to earth neutral bulb comes on but the motorcycle still does not start. Also after earthing light blue wire bike tries to start without pressing the clutch lever. Any way to bypass neutral switch to test if that is the culprit? Any other thing I should look for? Thanks
  4. Hi, After a while I tried working on the bike again. Situation is pretty much same except that fuel pump stopped working and hence no priming sound. I changed fuel pump and it is now priming. Neutral bulb is blown and the headlight relay is also faulty. Therefore the main beam only works if I short the two poles on the white headlight relay. There is spark on the plug and it attempts to start as it should. Some times back the ignition barrel was replaced with an after market one (the one in which black/ white and light green pair of wires opens when switch is turned on but I bridged it with a piece of wire and it was has been working fine. I am not sure why but when the bike was starting it only used to start with clutch lever pressed and ran fine when leaver was released after starting. This situation is still present and the bike only attempts to start when the clutch lever is pressed. Likewise, the bike only attempts to start when the side stand is lifted hence I assume kill switch is working fine. Spark plug is fairly new and the strength of spark seems normal. Battery is showing a little over 13V at its terminal and most all wires where it should show 12+V. All other electrics are working fine. Any suggestion on where to start? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I have a 2007 Yamaha YBR125 that is not starting for some reason that is more likely to be electrical. It was starting fine but when I removed headlight front to check some wiring, it stopped starting. Headlight main bulb also stopped working. I can see that the power to headlight switch was not coming from headlight relay (which apparently stopped working for no obvious reason) but when I bypass the relay, headlight starts working. Now, the bike tries to start and there is spark in the plug but it does not start. I can hear fuel pump priming and there is sufficient petrol in the bike. Side stand switch is apparently working as the bike does not attempt to start when the stand is down. Could someone please point out where to start? There are more than one wiring diagrams available over the net but I think I have found the one that is relevant to my bike (based on colour scheme). I recently changed flasher relay but that is working fine. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, This is just to say hello to all members. I am not a very active motorcyclist (anymore) but often look after motorcycles for my sons. At the moment we have 2007, YBR125 as a learner bike for my son who is planning to move on to heavier bike. Hope to learn and share experience. Regards,
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