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  1. We will try to, is it at Eagle this year? If i can get the Espace fixed, we will come down with caravan and try to find a bike to bring down. Gee.
  2. My Rona and our Espace that carried us and our putt putt (Honda 125) to Misano for last years Moto-GP. and me on my SD250NA.
  3. Cheers, it has a new battery pack ready for it. We are heading over next Wednesday to the NW200, staying in Garvagh, just down from Coleraine. Lovely country and people. Gee.
  4. I tried to upload a video, said it cant do that. Gee.
  5. Filling station fill up, FS1e meet 2014 Squires then Knaresborough.
  6. Tommy cookers were they not? Gee
  7. Geewhite


    Excellent news, now the joy begins. Gee
  8. Happy Birthday Meatloaf, Have a great day and evening. Best Wishes. Gee and Rona.
  9. RXs100 in the hall, CB400T in the lounge.; Rona is as bad as I am with the bikes, she loves them all, the 400SF is hers. The two bikes in Aberfoyle at the burger van for a Sunday morning outing a few weeks ago, finally ended up Inverarary for the obligatory sausage supper and can of juice, good times.. I think you should at least ask her, you never know. Gee.
  10. aye, i remember now...I was on the pool table most of the night giving out lessons...hehehe. Looking forward to this year, we are heading to the NW200 in a few weeks, on the FJ1200, canny wait. Gee.
  11. Its not seen weather as yet, my brother in law has a Sherman he is doing, its looks great, i will try and get a pic. Gee
  12. Were you down with Scott?
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