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  1. That's so good to hear chamallow, only got small stuff on my agenda atm but will tweak some for longer rides, thankyou for your comment .
  2. Probably riding black hat , thanks for replying. What's your story ?
  3. I paid a grand for mine, she's pulled apart but not forgotten, lovely ride.
  4. Mine is in pieces and I'm excited about customising
  5. I was interested to hear all your thoughts and experience, the bars for me are a pain too, I'll try a few things and see how I go.
  6. I'm back on track after 7 yrs, I have a brand new xj6 and an 1980 xj550 in pieces atm. Thanks for having me. It looks like an amazing place to catch up.
  7. Hi guys just understood how this works, my apologies. I'm a newbie have now fixed my friction point trouble. Thanks for having me and I look forward to talking all things motorcycles.0
  8. Love my brand new xj6...sassy smart and full of brasaap
  9. Got a 2014 xj6...broke clutch lever, after market, friction point is 90% out. want it back to about 50%...any ideas ?
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