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  1. does anyone have for sale a 33bhp power restrictor for a 1981 xj550
  2. markt


  3. hi all my 1981 xj550 is draining the battery with no charge going back in. im going to clean all earthing points up on the bike today but not too sure wot the problem could be. have fitted all new lights all round being mini indicators twin rear lights and twin front lights. i have followed the exact wires from the old lights onto the new install.....any ideas please?????
  4. hi all i have just bought a 1981 xj550 with the intention of street fightering it but now im thinking this bike is in real good condition for a 30 year old bike and would be a shame to pull it apart. is this a classic and worth keeping in original condition for showing. come on guys n girls let me hear your advice please
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