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  1. Main decision is to hone or rebore..got a buddy gonna hone it then measure bore and we will decide from there before I order a piston. Its already bored 1.5 oversize
  2. Im told the port chamfers dont look too good
  3. So this DT always pulled better then my 2nd one with a rebuilt engine..which could mean it was running bit lean. Ive never opened the engine and always had bit of a piston slap noise..but ran it about 2000km (only used for short trips). Then just over a year ago got a weird noise after a 1st gear power wheelie in which I probly wasnt quick enough into 2nd. Decided to park it until such time I could give it proper attention. Head and barrel off and found huge play on conrod..piston and bore not too bad..so engine will be split to do crank. Will post more pics to keep u posted.
  4. Pretty much..had a donor 1KT bike which came with all the fairing bits
  5. I have had a TZR250 refusing to run on both cylinders..replacing a plug cap sorted it
  6. needle 4 notches from top souns very rich..i run 2nd from top..made huge difference to that flat spot
  7. Just thought I would share how nicely a TZR250 1KT fairing fits a Deltabox 125.
  8. Thanks Cynic All i know is..had no spark..changed stator..then we had spark
  9. Hi..i have a TZR250 1KT which after restoration found the bike had no spark. Took it to a friend who after some testing decided to replace stator with a spare he had. He wanted his stator back so I had mine rewound..tested for spark and we put it back in but found it had no spark again. I know my stator works so after some enquiring have been told there is a difference in the 1KT and 2MA ignition systems (one uses earth to kill spark and other uses positive) which could mean bypassing something in the ignition switch to get it working. Im still using the borrowed stator and trying to get the guy to sell it to me. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on?
  10. Oh and had a CBX1000 for awhile..but after starting issues decided all my stuff rather have kickstarts..and preferably Yamaha. Hi Slice..dont u remember me?..from sunny Cape Town..SA..u guys helped me with restoring some DT`s and my LC about 3yrs ago.
  11. Ok here we go.. This one is now sold Still got 2x DT175 Still got the LC..black one in front TZR125 closest to camera is mine Still got the XT500 Just restored a TZR250 1KT Our 2 stroke group..really enjoy the 2t road bikes these days
  12. cant remember how to post pics here anymore
  13. Hi Used to be very active on here while restoring an RD350 a couple of years ago. Feeling ive neglected this group so just want to say hi again..must post some pics of what my collection looks like these days. How is Airhead and Slice?..cant remember everyone im sad to say.
  14. Hi Guys This a fairly long 31min video of our ride out on Sunday which shows nice route thru CT from Blouberg over to Hout Bay, Chapmans Peak and Noordhoek. Weather not so good, but was at least cool. Some RD350`s..GT750`s and Aprilias..among others. Camera bike is an RDLC. Pity the RD500`s didn't come with this time. Hope you enjoy.
  15. Should be..although cable angle is pretty way out. Wouldn't like to try it myself..soon as you remove the needle to change faces, spring behind it loses all its tension.
  16. Hi Cynic..yep now that Ive opened and learnt little bit bout these tachos I would suspect spring at the back has lost tension..although I`m told this side the magnets could be likely culprits as well. Yes had a DT175 temporary tacho on there which revved happily to 8000plus. Downside I had no temp gauge on there (at least that works on this tacho).
  17. After hassles with my first tacho being slow and trying to fix it..result tacho in million pieces. I ordered a pretty good looking one off Ebay from the UK. This one now doesn`t rev past 6500rpm..otherwise working fine. What do I have to do to get one that works?
  18. Ouch..and I thought we had crime bad in SA. Those guys must be ready to crucify someone. Is this the same Padgett behind the Isle of Man Honda team?
  19. Sorry Cynic..haven't been on for awhile. Thanks..this would probably work, but found a complete unit on ebay..its on the way, should be here early in new year. Cost me a pretty penny.
  20. Blackhat I need that rev counter on that LC...was just outbid in the last minute on ebay for one.
  21. This is the first DT I restored. My son been using it until the other day when he said it started making a noise and died. Now won`t start..checked to find there is no spark after trying 2 different plugs. Have not stripped yet but what can I expect to find?..woodruff key sheared..coil suspect...
  22. It might Cynic, although angle at the back is more slanted on the RD. You might get it going but will work properly??..these are carefully calibrated instruments. Maybe someone that knows what they doing with these mechanisms could do it..but I can`t find anyone here who will work on old clocks. Friend of mine tried to sort it using a Honda rev counter internals, and now its in a million bits. Got a quote off a website from someone in the UK who specializes in restoring them..quoted me 250GBP..ouch.
  23. Few more pics and a video so you can hear it..neighbours are gonna love me on early Sunday mornings.
  24. In Durbanville..always keen to join someone for a ride. I often meet guys in Tokai area and ride over to Hout Bay for coffee.
  25. Needed a long range bike for awhile now. Never liked the Yamaha large 4T bikes, always preferred the Honda. Considered the CB750F or CB900F series but then this came up less than a mile from my house..so took the plunge. 1982 CBX1000 Prolink. Another icon from the late seventies and early eighties. Not as desirable as the earlier 79 model yet but think will get there as it has some rather big improvements. Don`t like the custom sprayjob..wud like to get it back to original silver/grey colour. Never seen one with gold rims. It has had a wider rim conversion to take a 160 tyre (which I think suits it). And has a beautiful sounding 6 into 6 exhaust. Only issue..2 of the carbs pilot jets blocked as it stood 14months..so having to ride on the choke at low speeds and wont idle.
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