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  1. huxley

    Colour code

    Please can anyone tell me the paint code for my white RD 250 LC 1982. I am respraying my tank and need the code. Cheers
  2. Hello All, Not sure if this has been discussed before, but has anyone fitted and run a Boost bottle on a DT 175 MX. I have a spare bottle from my DT 125 LC MK 1 and wondered if it was worth trying. Cheers
  3. I really like the MK1,thanks for the advice. Merry Xmas,safe riding
  4. I am looking at buying a Mk1 DT 125 LC and believe it is 12 BHP. What is the best way to de-restrict it. How do i identify that it is only 12 BHP and not a full power model. Cheers
  5. Hello All, After 3 years of owning my DT 175 E I have decided to start work on it properly. The bike will not start even though it has fuel,a good spark,timing is spot on and crankcase seals have been replaced.This was not my main problem. I can only get second gear which is why I threw a cover over it 3 years ago.I have now split the crankcases to have a look at the gearbox which all looks o.k,but I have a question. There are 3 selector forks.One is on a shaft on it own and it moves on the shaft.The other two are on a separate shaft of which one fork moves and the other does not.Is this usual. Also can you post pictures on this forum ,if so how. Thanks for any replies Mark.
  6. huxley

    DT 175 ?

    Hello all, Can any DT175 experts out there confirm what model my DT is. It is an american import and I think it is an E model. The frame and engine number are 2A7 025472. Cheers
  7. Hello everyone, I am now getting desperate with my DT 175 E american import. I have a good spark,fuel and the timing is spot on.but the bike still wont start.I have manually injected fuel into the plug hole and then tried to kick and bump the bike,but still no starting. I have tried spraying "sure start" into the carb and plug hole,but still no start. Occasionally I will get a fraction of a second of running when fuel or "sure start" is added ,but that is all. Has anyone got any ideas. Cheers
  8. I have just finished running in my RD250 LC after a 0.5mm rebore.It has a set of Allspeeds,standard air box,non tuned barrels and standard carbs.It also has new main and big end bearings and new crankshaft seals. When I try to rev it into the powerband (4000 - 5000 rpm ) it has a hell of a flat spot and to best describe it it gurgles and struggles to get there.I can slip the clutch to help it out ,but I don,t really want to do this. My needle clip is set 4 notches from the top and rest of the carb is as standard. Any help please Huxley.
  9. Thanks for the replies,The DT 175 E has the 7 wires and the 2 slots in the flywheel. And now for the embarrassing confession.The moment that I posted this post I i realised that I did not know anti from clockwise.Like an idiot I was turning the flywheel the wrong way.What a fool. The timing marks actual line up o.k. I removed the flywheel and cleaned up the copper windings and the magnets and now when I kick it over I am at least getting a puff of smoke from the exhaust.It is just ready to fire ,but not enough from the kickstart. I will try and bump it when I have more time. When I do get it started I then have toi sort out the gearbox, Happy days. Thanks for the help lads,please keep it coming no matter how obvious it seems.
  10. I am having trouble kick starting and bumping my DT.so I have decided to check the timing,but this has baffled me. I connected my Clock (DTI) to the plug hole and found TDC. and set the clock to zero.I then rotated the flywheel clockwise until it was 2mm advanced on the clock.I then rotated the flywheel anti clockwise by 0.2 so that the clock read 1.8mm.At this point according to the Haynes manual the mark on the crankcase which I think is at about the one oclock position and just above the bolt which holds the plate on should line up the the middle of the 3 lines on the flywheel. I followed this procedure and the middle line on the flywheel was at about the eleven oclock position a long way from were it should be. What am I doing wrong as there is no where near enough adjustment on the backing plate. Look forward to your replies. Cheers Huxley
  11. Thank you,that was my next plan of attack. I will let you know the outcome Cheers
  12. I bought the bike a month ago.It is an american import 175 E 1978. When I bought the bike the seller said it would only bump off as he had put a pattern carb on it and it was not set up properly so I took him at his word. I have been sorting the electrics out first as they were a mess. I have not had the bike running yet.I can only pull the gearlever up into second gear while the engine is not running.It will not go down into first or up past second. I will try and upload the photo I took. Cheers
  13. Thanks for that,I have taken a photo of the positions but could not attach it to my message.Do you know how to do this.I tried dragging the photo but I was told that I could only upload 503KB of data ?. I have not rebuilt the engine as it only has 6000 miles on it.The crankcase looks like it has never been split.
  14. Can anyone please help me with the gearbox on my DT. I can only get second gear.I have removed the clutch and taken a photo of the selector.There are 2 marks which line up on the drum and the shaft and another arrow. Should this line up with something ? Cheers I have tried to insert the photo,but am unable to.How do I do this.
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