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  1. I went for a handle bar mounted cigarette lighter style. Thought I could chuck in a USB adapter if needed. Have to say it's an ugly piece of kit and Im looking for somewhere other than the bars to bury it. Ill be interested to see where you get your feed from (?)
  2. I now have a roughly 50 mile each way daily commute, so with weekends I've racked around 6500 since January. I cant see that ending any time soon, so Id better inform my Insurance Company as I think I estimated 12K for the year.
  3. Ive done 20 miles on (flashing) reserve on my XJ6, at that point I was taking it easy and don't know how much more was in there. If I try real hard and keep to legal speeds, accelerate smoothly, best behaviour etc, I can get 170 on a tank (only managed it once lol) But usually more like 140 ish.
  4. Very nice :-) It gets a better. When its 'run in', its a different animal at around 8K rpm )
  5. @Cupcake What exhaust have you nailed on your JX6? Ooh and would you recommend the screen?
  6. Congratulations on your bike and welcome mate. Hastings was a great ride :-)
  7. The very expression 'Water Proof' appears bizarrely open to interpretation I've just exchanged Frank Thomas leggings and a Furygan Dragon jacket for letting in water. Gotta say Simon (manager) at J & S New Malden, could not have been more helpful with this. Both garments were 100% waterproof. Not resistant. not a wee bit impervious to damp. 100% fekin waterproof!! Apparently a product only has to survive 5psi ( I do not know for what period) to get a 100% water proof tag. But with respect Stevie, you were told they where not water proof Well, they didn't lie.
  8. I have a pair of (hard) Givi's and they leak as well.
  9. Nice panoramic. Did you run into (poor choice of words lol) anyone else from the ACE? I saw one or two here and there. Rode most of the way with two wheelie pop-in youngsters and a cool dude on a retro Ducati but lost touch on one of the last roads in. Some cager had broken down on a very narrow road with a couple of caravans waiting to get round him, nightmare!! So bikes were filtering over hill and dale to get passed. Poor fekker
  10. Ha ha I meet with Cylindric (for 25 seconds) at the Ace, just as we headed off. Getting out of Ldn with that many riders was fun but shambolic, so the ride was very fragmented but caught up with a few from the Ace in Hastings.
  11. Idid the Hastings Battle ride via the Ace then back to Basingrad via Loomies. Great day out.
  12. Im guessing if she wasn't fit we wouldn't be having this conversation :-)
  13. Welcome aboard mate and congratulations on the XJ6. Thats I nice looking bike I think I've seen it up at Farnborough I'm really loving mine, if I wanted to upgrade anything, I would say I wished it had more of rumble to it. Hastings was cool. Absolutely astonishing amount of bikes up there :-) Will be doing Poole one of these Tuesday nights, so let me know if your up for it :-)
  14. Hi Mate, you've only got a few years on me but Im still in 'old fart' denial lol Good luck with your mods but you must have some ol' Stack heels around from back in the day ?? Just a thought
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