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  1. i will worry about the insurance once i make a decission, im more worried about my mortgage to be honest lol... i just thought the 150cc would be less strain on the bottom end than the 170cc but i suppose there is more factors involved than just cc gain. ken
  2. sorry yes i know that the head gets skimmed and barrel gets bored out just a little drunk after watching the newcastle v sunderland match so the bottom end might not be able to handle the compression on the rebore and skim? what about the 170cc kit im sure the compression would be more with this kit? i seriously done know just looking into my options! ken
  3. as far as im aware it is a cylinder and head rebore along with all gaskets and small end barings... im not sure what blue print means-ill have to look into that. its the same price as a athena 170 topend then obviously tou get a whole new topened "no rebore" i know its expensive but im worried the 170 will destroy me bottom end, crank and barings etc ken
  4. yeh its expensive, this is from his listing " We are pleased to offer this excellent replacement 150cc GP Big Bore Kit This is a 150CC GP Big Bore Kit Its the most POWERFUL kit you can buy Comes with a forged, single ring RACING PISTON, converted to flat top. Also Includes your head remachined, Especially designed for the 150 Kit. Barrel is Blue Printed, BORED and RE-PLATED. Comes Complete with TOP END GASKET set and SMALL END BEARING. You need to send your barrel to us for the work to be carred out" ken
  5. we can all sit here and talk about what ifs... who knows?? all i do is research things to find out if they are suitable for purchase, if i ask questions the seller cant answer then i wont go near it however i might stick with the 125 cylinder or i might look into the athena 170 topened. if i open the topend up and find cylinder isnt damaged chances are i will replace piston/ring with small barings and save up for athena 170. everything is not set in stone but i can see your point on the bore out, he is wanting near £400 for the service aswell which is about same price as athena kit was just thinking which of the two would be the better more reliable option over standard? cheers ken
  6. as far as i know its possible as there is someone on ebay offering this service.. quick email to them and i shall find out
  7. yeh, i think if i need to get it bored out i might look into a 150cc bore and piston... ill crack the head next couple of days see whats going on!! cheers lads very helpfull ken
  8. hey up lads am after a wing man for some green lainging summer time, i have no mates with road legal bikes although one of them is looking into a quad bike but nothing has come of it yet. there are some green lains near me (blaydon area, newcastle) just looking to see if there is any members on here with same situation? or members who ride these lanes already? the lanes i am on about are near a quarry called "lady cross quarry" and i have heard they go a fair few miles... no worries if there isnt anyone on here ill just go by myself cos im a loner cheers ken
  9. its not calling louder than my bank though ill have to park her up until i can get some cash together!!! i have just paid £90 to rebuild my honda nsr jc20 forks that have been sent away about 3 months ago-unfortunatly i sold the bike a month ago so i have a set of forks rebuilt with heavyer oil for my weight with not bike to put them on.. so once i can get them sold on fleebay ill but that parts for topend rebuild - ill just throw in piston,rings,barings,gaskets and oil change while am at it. ken
  10. went out with a mate who has a yam xt 660 he offered me a go of it a while back but i lack self confidence and all i could think of was it's to big for me (only ever rode a 125) he was assuring me that it would actually be easyer to ride than my dt125 and xlr125 i eventually had a go - he was right the extra weight and torque is easy to manage and felt alot more safe your also not going up and down the gears screaming the nuts out of every gear to go anywhere. i was on my dt screaming it up and down the gears while he was in 3rd most of the time... needless to say im looking at a bigger bike ken
  11. yeh man i think ill buy the parts and do it over winter
  12. ahh man... i hate it when things start going wrong - havent had it even 1 month grrrr
  13. im hoping the barre lisnt knackered but if it is ill have to sort it out, bike is worth the money to be honest its been doing it for 2 weeks now, been busy with work and baby so still using it every day hoping it wont die on me!! do you think it could just be topend barings?
  14. ive only had my dt 125 for a couple of weeks but im looking at some adventures in summer time, there is some green lanes near me (prudhoe, northumberland) that are supposed to go somewhere near scotland but i dont actually know for sure (part of the fun) got some jerry cans and with my rucksack full of food/water ill be off - cant wait "shame i dont have a wing man to come with me " ken
  15. yo mofo's!! i got a decent rattle on my topend when cold and warm, is it possible i could replace the rings or should i be looking at a piston kit and small end bairings?? sorry for the noob question i have never worked on a 2 stroke - plenty of 4 strokes!! any advice on what to look for are welcome! cheers ken
  16. kenDAWG

    Jimmy Saville

    they recon jeremy beadle had a little hand in on it aswell
  17. kenDAWG


    i have had this also, some bellend turned up for my xlr125 rode it and said it was too slow but offered me £300 for it - i was asking £750. thing is if the retards have experience on ebay they know if the buy it through ebay there entering into a contract, then if they break that contract they are liable to ebay's proceedures - they can only do it a few times a year aslong as people keep reporting them then there ebay account would have restrictions eventually they would be shut down. im up to nearly 700 positive feedback, i have sold lots but bought more and i have had some bad experiences with buyers and sellers but the majority seem decent. had one guy buy an OKO 28mm flatside carb with spare jets uni filter off me for £30 posted, cost me £90 sold it because i sold the bike it was intended for.. he come back to me nearly a month later saying it was damaged opened a case against me (even though he left positive feedback saying i was one of the genuine ebayers) he got his money back and i got carb back which was immaculate and working i was so annoyed because he couldnt set it up he thought rather than sell it on he would make me out to be selling broken item and a liar the little fag!!! ken
  18. kenDAWG

    Jimmy Saville

    i was fingered by jeremy beadles little hand!!!!
  19. i was under the impression that if there was an ignition of fuel all fuel in cylinder would be burnt? sounds like tosh to me!
  20. any updates on this? looking good so far man
  21. kenDAWG


    no mate! he has missed his opertunity to buy it now so you are within your rights to relist item, and put in your listing that you have relisted due to a time waster! if he was to pay you can refund... rules are rules for a reason so you dont get messed about. send him a final email stating you have reported him and also item has been relisted, you have acted well within ebay rules. march on dude ken
  22. kenDAWG


    I can't remember what happens! I think you get your listing fee back and he gets a strike against him Don't quote me on that but I think that's how it goes Ken
  23. my dt125r does the same mate, fires up after 2-3 kicks from cold with choke, leave to tick over for a min then start tickling the revs and she bogs and cuts out fire it up again let it tickover with finger on choke leaver (as the choke on my dt drops automaticly after few seconds of running) tickle the throttle and then she is fine... kicks over first kick once warm, i just thought it was normal as tempreture is starting to drop through the night - was frosty this morning so i let her warm up for a good 10mins ive had a few bikes also on and off road and they have all been different on startup, some dont need choke some need longer time on the choke. maybe its just your bike needs a little bit more warm up time before trying to rev her ken
  24. kenDAWG

    Jimmy Saville

    he is on this morning.. like he says get the police involved!!! here come the woman after money for storys
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