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  1. I might just try a new plug in it to se if that makes a difference. Thing is I've just had it serviced at the main dealer and they said there was nothing wrong with it. Tough one to work out!!! Mike
  2. Thanks for the reply Ken. What I will add is that if I set off too soon, the bike really stutters and can cut out. I had an old CG125 '51' plate that I never had the problem with, had alot more miles on too. The YBR has only done 1450 miles so it's hardly been excessively used. It has to be either a fueling issue of some sort or maybe a sparking problem...that's all I can think of. Mike
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with the start up of my YBR125. The bike will start with the choke reasonably well but after a few minutes, the bike struggles to even slightly rev up (after necessary adjustment to choke). As a result, the bike cuts out. I must point out the bike runs beautifully once fully warmed up. The bike has been into Yamaha and they have said there is nothing wrong with it, I think differently. All my other bikes (owned a few) I've been able to start, leave to warm up for a few minutes, get on and go. This bike is quite the opposite. Could anyone help with possible solutions? Thanks and Regards, Mike
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a leak coming from were adjustment is made to the cam belt on my XS1100. Was wondering if I could maybe purchase a seal or use some sealant to stop it from leaking? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike
  5. lison766

    FZR 400 3TJ

    Hey mate, Sounds like you had a very similar problem to me about a couple of weeks ago. Just check the earth for a faulty connection. A quick clean and mine were working fine again. Hope this helps. Mike
  6. Hi Everyone, My bike is really playing me up at the moment. Only firing on 3 cylinders again and think it is down to a dicky HT lead. My question is can I just buy the lead and wire it directly to the coil or would i have to replace the coil? Thanks for your help guys. Mike
  7. Anybody know where I could get a seal for the fuel sender unit for an XS1100? I'm replacing the old unit as it no longer works but need a new seal to go with it. I'm thinking that an old seal could leak. Any help as to where I could get one from would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  8. Right this is really difficult to get at with the wheel there. I'll try tomorow to get it off. Thanks for your help. Mike
  9. Hi Everyone, Trying to get my calipers off the mounting brackets to replace the pads but they wont seem to come off! They caliper moves in the bracket but they don't pull out! Am I missing a step here or something? Thanks
  10. lison766

    My xjr1300

    A proper motorbike. I love it mate!
  11. Hi, Would you be willing to send me the unit for a reasonable sum if it works? I'm sure we could come to some arrangements. Many Thanks
  12. Wow! That is really amazing. How did you get the engine looking like new? Powder coated?
  13. Hi Everyone, Anyone know where i can get a fuel sender from for an 1978 XS1100. It appears there is no earth coming from the unit. However would this repair if i take it out? Many Thanks Mike
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a gorgeous 1978 XS1100 that is in need of a little attention on the engine. I'd love to have it powder coated but this would mean stripping the engine. Are there any other alternatives out the to really give it a good makeover?
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