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  1. Hi Never Thanks for the advise, but not being particular mechanically minded, have decided to give up and take it to the garage, as the vibration and front wobble is getting worse, in fact quite worrying now. I checked the tyre pressure and topped up the oil (which was low) couldn't see any loose bearings, Not knowing anything about bikes, I don't want to start messing about with it, when I don't really know what I'm doing..I did notice however the other day whilst sitting on it, that the handlebars are not exactly straight, knowing my luck its probably been dropped, could account for the wobble... Anyway thanks for all your advise, trying to help...will take it to the garage and let you know what was causing the problems, (you can then all laugh at how much they charged me) I shall concentrate on maintaining the bike, and then maybe later on be in a position to start 'tinkering' with it. At the moment am just hoping to be able to ride it! Will let you all know the outcome Cheers Liz
  2. Aha! Squires, know where that is.. Not too far for my old 125 rattler maybe haha
  3. Oh ok! haha sorry, thanks for the manual Dirty, (if you think that sounds better!) Liz
  4. Hi pro thats a point, not sure what the tyre pressure should be! will check that and the rim, not sure how to check the carb slider, but will check the throttle cable, cheers liz
  5. Hi Sted From another old fart, on an old bike haha! Liz
  6. Hi Pete, Welcome, Maybe one day I will manage a 500cc ha! Liz
  7. Hi Mod, thanx for your reply, what I mean by releasing the clutch is this:- If, coming up to a junction say, I slow down to a stop but-the engine is still on full revvs, not just ticking over like it should, if, however I gently release the clutch at this time, the bike will return to idle, this happens frequently. I will have a look and see if I can find the bearings you were talking about, being a newbie Liz
  8. Hi Elffie, thanks for your reply on my topic, of course I carnt offer any advise being a newbie myself, but can sympathise from a distance Yes, give me a shout if you make it up to yorkshire, we can see who rattles the loudest! Haha Liz
  9. Hi, my first, but old bike, sr125 1997 has a tendancy to be on full revs when slowing down - standing still, this doesn't happen all the time, mostly when I have been riding for a while, only cure is to slightly release the clutch, cant see anything wrong with the cable..or handle. Also back brake, when riding I put my foot on to slow down and it doesn't seem to have any effect, so use the front one. It does work when standing still. Lastly, two things happen over 40mph - a slight front end wobble and vibration throughout the bike. Any suggestions? Thanks Liz
  10. Hi Stone, of course you know I would love to come along, unfortunately, I'm afraid you would just be a dissappearing DOT on the horizon
  11. Just bought this bike 1997 model, (I know its not much of a bike, but all I could afford) It's ok so far, apart from the accelerator stays on full sometimes when idle, cant see anything wrong with the cable and the handle itself moves ok. Also there doesnt seem to be much of a back brake, although the pads should be fine, just had mot. Having just passed cbt, (at 50!) these two things are making riding difficult ie: having to slowly release the clutch to stop it revving when stopped in traffic and just using the front brake, especially down steep hills is a little hairy..also have had to use front brake whilst setting off from a hill junction (not quite sure how i did that) so try to avoid them...not easy. Another thing is having to pull out choke to start bike, even when warm (you have to hold it out as well) The bike vibrates over 40 mph which isnt comfortable..and there seems to be a front wheel wobble at speed..yes high speed at 50mph haha! (although that could just be me not being used to bikes) Trying to contend with these issues, plus being a new rider and remembering all i was taught, is somewhat mentally exhausting! Hence any help concerning the above, would be gratefully received. Despite all this, I have doggedly gone out every day for two weeks on my own, in all weathers, (whistling old helmet, visor up as cant see anything with it down) into town at rush hour, up onto the moors (that's cold) country roads, hills, bends (bit tricky those bends) slow moving traffic and duel carridge ways, ROUNDABOUTS! (hate them). Sticking steadfastly to the middle of the road and refusing to be pushed to the side, only once deviating from this rule, as i decided i should try getting to the left hand side whilst taking a right hand bend only to be promptly overtaken by a taxi driver whom seizing his chance, nearly knocked me off as i was just about to regain position...I shall leave that manouvre for quieter roads in future... Oh and my best experience to date, running out of fuel in the dark half way up a hill, two miles from home! (No fuel guage) All in all though, think I can pat myself on the back for sticking with it so far, a thousand tales and a few near misses in two weeks! What have I let myself in for? Oh yes, and anyone in the yorkshire area who are maybe learning and as mad as I am, feel free to get in touch! or maybe a more experienced rider that doesnt mind waiting a couple of hours for me to catch up haha! Liz
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