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    '96 Honda CG 125 (for sale) '92 FZR 600 Genesis (1st 'big' bike)
  1. Hi. Certainly was as bargain. No issues at all MOT wise. Got the guy to change oil and filters and whilst he had it on the ramp he looked over it in more detail than just MOT points and confirmed i had a nice straight bike. V pleased!!!
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll keep my eye on posts from you with a view to riding out somewhere.
  3. Cheers for the advice. Picked her up, picked the indicator cover off the road just before an impatient sod in 4x4 (who didn't get out to help) ran over it. Checked clutch, brake and also as you point out, forks before getting back on my way whilst cursing myself for being a numpty (read much more fowl language). All smiles again within 20 miles!
  4. Flamin heck! hard enough picking up the FZR 600 on my tod. Wouldn't fancy lifting a goldwing although apparently there is a technique. Like you say - only pride was hurt and bike still rides fine so still smiling.
  5. So after picking up my new (to me) pride and joy I made the school boy error of dropping it whilst turning around in a tight spot at walking pace. Over balanced and cracked right indicator and bent brake lever. Nothing new with that. Most have, or will do the same at some point? Just a word of advice though. When picking up a bike from a right side drop - put the side stand down to avoid chucking it over the other way! Not a happy man but was toying with the idea of putting back levers on anyway - decision made!
  6. Evening all. So I had the pleasure of picking up my 1st 'big bike' today. I plumped for a '92 FZR 600 Genesis on the basis that it is fast enough to scare me and cheap enough incase I slide it down the road sideways. If it gets through the MOT tomorrow the £350 it cost could well be the bargain of a lifetime. I'll put picks up when i get it back. Anyway, I'm in the East Lancs area and keen as mustard to get out on my new toy so if you are in the area and fancy a ride out... Other than bikes I like real ale, brews in massive mugs and footy. Looking forward to meeting you either on the forum or even better, actually out on bikes!
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