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    petrol tanks

    Hi,could anyone tell me if the 1999 FZS 600 fazer petrol tank is the same thats on the 2001 FZS fazer 600 - just checking cos I'm interested in purchasing a tank cover off the former for the latter, tanks in advance for any answers ( did you see what I did there - tanks,thanks - well please yourselves - it is midnight ) ,Steve
  2. Hi all, been riding round on my xv125 and a question is bugging me ( this is probably the start of a really dumb-ass question ). When I bought it the bike had a kph speedo with relevant stickers on at the kph equivalent of 30mph 50mph and 70.I bought a converter which works fine and is far easier to read but,does this alter the odometer , does it still measure kilometres - I know if I spent a bit of time I could probably work it out but if anyone knows the answer I'd be grateful. The reason I've taken to thinking about this is I've got my mod2 in two weeks and I cant afford to keep the xv and buy a bigger bike as well, so to save confusion when I put it up for sale I'd like to be sure of the mileage,cheers Steve p.s. my guess tells me it converts to miles after the converter was put in, but I stand to be corrected,cheers
  3. Cheers Paul a comprehensive and very helpful reply - nice one
  4. Hi all,could anyone tell me how to adjust the clutch cable on an xv 125 virago,the clutch doesn't bite until the clutch lever is about 80% out or is this the normal place for it to start engaging? Also just wondering are the headstock bearings roller bearings or balls,cheers Steve
  5. Hey Alec, I've been looking for one of these too, personally I think the expressions hens teeth and rocking horse poo were invented for these,the mechanics etc who actually have them probably keep them locked in safes,when you think about it if they give them to us they we are taking employment from them . Sorry this is no use to you but if I find one I'll let you know
  6. Cheers neversaydie, nice reminder - you can forget sometimes that altering one thing affects others - will be careful
  7. Thanks for advice neversaydie - I'm pretty sure the originals were as you say so maybe a 49 on the rear and a new 13 on the front and a new chain and as 2 wheels says maybe I'll have enough adjustment on the rear wheel not to buy a longer chain eh? but I'll check the front sprocket thats on it before I start messing,cheers Steve
  8. have changed oil and filter - just a quick question, as I am replacing/cleaning etc different bits I am trying to replace the original philips type bolts with s/s allen bolts but on the oil filter cover the front bolt is a lot longer than the other two does anyone know where I can get an allen bolt that size,cheers. oh yeah and the rear spocket says 47 on it so I'm assuming that its the original sprocket not sure about front one ,I haven't taken the cover off yet - air filter and spark plugs next job so - ?'s will probably be following - The bike has only done about 4500 miles - and the people who sold it to me had it from new and they seem genuine so I've no reason to disbelieve them and it does look clean enough for that to be true, so I'm not sure wear and tear will be too bad-anyway like I said I will try the things neversaydie has suggested
  9. many thanks for the welcomes - young and old, glad to see I'm not the only old fart in the village
  10. Hi everyone, over 50's with first bike - xv 125 virago ( apart from razzing up and down on mates bikes when ( a lot ) younger) joined forum for sage advice from more experienced riders - you're never too old to learn! Only basic mechanical skills and a touch of common sense is all I can bring to the table - My name is Steve and I look forward to chatting over the etherwaves with you,cheers
  11. O.K. cheers for answers y'all, will be changing oil and filters and will be looking into what has been done to bike before
  12. Hi all, New member here - name is Steve, recently came into possession of 125 virago 2001 - motorcycling experience negligible - mechanical skills very basic but willing to learn, just a quick question if you don't mind ( probably the first of many dumb ones ) .The acceleration of the xv 125 seems a little sluggish so I was thinking of putting a new rear sprocket on with a couple more teeth would this improve it noticeably - I'm not too bothered about the max speed , if so would I need a new chain with how many more links ? cheers in advance
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