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  1. Glad you liked it....here's another one! The destination was Castril! Rode through the little cobbled streets.... .....till I got to the bottom of the religious monument that towers over the top of the town! It was still bloody cold so I thought I'd warm up by climbing to the top.....unfortunately most of it was clambering up rocks. As I got near the summit, there was a sort of path.... .....and I finally got to the top! And what a view.....there's the XT down below! Take a look at these shots..... Then it was clamber down to the bottom.....and back on the road! Now this is something that's always amazed me about Spain....how they continue to honour their dead! You know in Britain how cemeteries and graves get neglected, and even vandalised, well this is how it is in Spain. This is not a one-off.....they're all like this! If something's wrong in Spain then I'll say so.....but in a lot of ways they have got their priorities right. And this one of those cases. In fact, there's one day set aside every year for a national public holiday where complete families honour deceased family members. Family is very important here! Then it was back on the road towards Huescar....and stopped in my usual petrol station. You know how I've said expect anything to happen here? Well here we go, a 6 month old miniature pony tethered between the petrol pumps! He was very impressed with the XT of course! Then it was a quick blast in the bike wash....cos one or two specks of dust had got on the XT. Dust? On my bikes? With my reputation? Not on my watch!
  2. Pete

    hi there!

    Alan's back? Riding a Honda? And getting married? I think the account's been hijacked! EddyIrish is behind this, mark my words!
  3. Pete


    I've haven't got time to wish you lot merry Xmas! I'm too busy riding! Xmas Eve.... Xmas Day...
  4. Load it in the back of a Mercedes Sprinter!
  5. I see Spanish workmanship every day Merv....so I wouldn't plan any long trips if I was you!
  6. Da Mozzman is now Da Hazzbeen Scott!
  7. I thought there was gators in there!
  8. I don't have to get ready for Winter Scott! Doesn't phase me at all! Taken yesterday....just business as usual for me!
  9. That's one of the reasons I left the UK a year ago! 7,000 Brits are now leaving EVERY week....we can't all be wrong!
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