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  1. A happy, prosperous and above all healthy New Year to all. Andy
  2. Try asking on here... Here ...where someone will point you in the right direction. Andy

    hi there!

    Hi Alan, How you doing? Good to hear from you, hope everything is well with you. Andy


    Blimey, I thought I was the "Ba humbug" merchant! Has nobody said Happy Christmas on here yet? Well I will... HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ...and a happy new year too Cheers, Andy
  5. Congratulations indeed to all of you I don't know about a chair on an RD 250 though, an RD 400 would be better Andy
  6. Hi, Divvy's are prone to this, check out the Divvy forum here for a fuller answer. This is one thread on the subject... here Andy
  7. Glad you got sorted OK. This very subject has been running over ... here ...a site you might find of use. Andy


    Hi & welcome. I have no info about the XT125 but buying knew sounds reasonable if you can afford it, and certainly keeping it for a year or so also makes sense. But, the depreciation will be quite high whenever you sell so maybe it might be worth looking for a late secondhand example where someone else has copped the depreciation already? Good luck and have fun whatever you do, that's what bikes are all about Andy


    Hi Paul and welcome. I have to say that I would agree with the above comments, not in regard to the R6 (I have never ridden one so can make no comment about the bike itself) but about riding generally. Obviously you know about yourself and whether or not you will restrain your right hand, but for me passing your test is only the first stage. Frankly I would suggest that a Thundercat is more than big/powerful enough for a novice rider, and maybe you should consider something even 'tamer' such as a GS or CB500, a Diversion 600 or similar. Such a bike will give you invaluable experience, whilst not costing too much to buy or insure and should the worst happen the repair bills would hopefully not be too bad either. Even a simple low speed drop on a bike with lots of plastic can be ruinous! After a year to eighten months you would probably find the transition to a bigger bike a lot more comfortable. Just my thoughts, and good luck with the test. Andy
  10. Am I getting this right Merv? You give someone crabs, and they give you lager ! Wow! What would they give you for a good dose of something ? Sorry, couldn't resist that So instead of nice hilly scenery you are getting the opposite, very flat scenery? Thats a shame, but maybe something will work out for you soon, and this time you won't get stuck on snowed in roads! Cheers, Andy
  11. Hi Chris & welcome. Nice to see a new rider getting on the road, especially on a DT. One or two others on here as well as me will be pleased to see someone using one of those Nice to know your dad and his mates will be around too, hopefully they will keep you out of trouble Have fun. Andy
  12. ...today. Not as warm Pete in Spain perhaps but some nice blue sky and sunshine and cracking scenery. The original pictures I had in mind didn't work out as the hills were a bit too haze shrouded so after a round-a-bout trip I ended up here, near to where I work a lot. The hill opposite is where I went next, top right hand side you can make out Loch Ness. Then across to the other side of the Glen for a better view of Loch Ness. Then back down to the main road and along the side of Loch Ness to a hotel, and guess who had waded ashore? Didn't look too impressed by the Divvy though! Probably not too many days like this left in the year so it was nice to get the chance. Cheers, Andy
  13. Well done for the CBT, and good luck with the Direct Access. That's a nice looking bike you have there. I have no idea about anything you can do to make your bike better, just be careful not to become a fashion victim as it is a bit expensive buying too many accesories which might look nice or sound good but in reality do nothing to improve the bike. My money would go on making sure the tyres are the best, (try asking around about which ones suit the bike and you may find a consensus forms) the brakes are good and the suspension is set up for you. Otherwise I would spend a few quid on a post test riding course of some sort, maybe the folks who ran your CBT can offer something. It might sound a bit 'lame' but an introduction to 'real world riding' with a tutor could be highly valuable. Cheers, Andy
  14. Well done from me too Sadly the cage is always going to be with us but as Scott says there's nothing to beat the feeling of riding Cheers, Andy


    Well done and many congratulations I hope you have many happy miles of riding ahead of you. Just be careful, there's a lot of idiots out there You are the second person recently who has got on the road through Cam Riders, a chap on the Diversion forum has just done it with them too! Here Cheers, Andy
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