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  1. Noise

    Free Windows 10

    Don't care, still think all this PC crap will be the end of it all so
  2. See there was NUTTING wrong with it after all.
  3. Noise

    Free Windows 10

    Ah your all be fucked when Skynet kicks off............have you all not seen Terminator!!!?? computers will be the end of us all
  4. Noise

    Free Windows 10

    I got Velux Windows, dogs bollocks if you ask me!only problem is that on some days its hard to see through all the fog and they are pretty crap at night, but as soon as the sun comes up its the best windows you can get.
  5. Noise

    Tapatalk App

    I've never used it either, some people say its the Korean meatballs but i personally think that the old ways are the best.
  6. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Hi all sorry for the lack of up dates but just been busy with cleaning her up and other house related DIY. Here are some pictures for you to browse and hopefully see the difference. All clean inside Barrels bead blasted and painted Just in the process of re lapping the valves and going to make a start on cleaning up the con rods and crank.
  7. Could be the Husky Busky Bird of St snoresville??? Are you sure its not a Mr Badger grunting with its Mrs Badger?
  8. Noise

    Nuts and such.

    Don't forget to show us pics of your nuts when you get them
  9. Yer i spose i can give it a bash, thing is i sold the XJ the other day as it was a unreliable piece of shit so had to cancel the insurance on that last night (i have no bikes on the road ) this policy was with Swinton and again i paid this monthly and you never guess how much i had to pay to cancel it...............................£12!!!! If they do classic bike or custom bike insurance im going with them when the chop is ready, i mean they answered the phone within 3 mins so no lengthy waiting times listening to shit on hold music and all i had to do is give them basic details and it was done and dusted within 10 minutes Swinton 1 - 0 Adrian Flux
  10. I find it easier to have the front end off as you can then have the full frame on the floor and this makes it less likely to tip over while you pull the motor out never trust a paddock stand or side stand as some muscle is needed to get this lump out.
  11. Noise

    Nuts and such.

    I get mine from my local shop http://www.wentinfasteners.co.uk/normally just rock up with a hand full of old rusty nuts and walk out with some nice new shiny S/S nuts. (insert pun if needed?) Also another good site is this one http://www.custom-fasteners.co.uk/on the left of the page under "Shop" click the nuts bolts etc button and off ye go
  12. Yer i could do but im not sure how i will stand with it because as the letter dated 22/05/2015 states that it was a financed policy so i was basically paying off the money financed by Premium Credit Limited. So........?
  13. Sounds to me that you have had a oil pump failure and has resulted in top end engine damage, may find your going to be needing new valves and possibly cams too. Getting the engine out is easy when you have help from a mate, and the best way i found to do it (twice!) Its a lot of parts to come off but it helps in the long run as there is nothing worse that having to fight around things that you could of taken off 5 mins before you got your hand trapped between the engine and floor Jack bike up and place on 4 axle stands so wheel are off the floor Remove fuel tank, seat, rear mudguard and exhausts Loosen rear wheel nuts and pull out rear wheel (yes it really is that simple) Remove handle bars, followed buy the whole front end, (if you jacked the bike up high enough you can remove the front wheel, forks and yolk all as one unit) Now your left with what i call the trunk of the bike Remove the stupid plastic chrome bits on the top of the engine heads (hardest part) Remove carbs air filter boxes and the fuel pump assembly up near the head stock (No1 cylinder coil will come with it) Disconnect the wires to the engine and move them through the frame so they don't get snagged when you remove the motor Remove gear leaver, rear brake leaver and foot pegs. Loosen all the engine mounting bolts (i didn't say remove them just LOOSEN) you and a strong mate lift up the whole thing and place the frame on the floor. Remove all the engine mounting bolts now. Now here is the fun bit Stand on the right side of the bike (rear brake leaver side) Grab the heads(exhaust ports are handy) now to get it out you need to tilt the heads out, then the front cylinder needs to come out first whilst tilting the heads further towards you in order to get the prop shaft coupling out of the frame have your mate to hold the frame so it doesn't move. Laying the frame on its side and lifting it off the motor dose not work on this bike due to the prop shaft coupling so don't bother trying haha
  14. Noise

    Ghost Tax

    We all knew it would happen, but fek me!!! its bagging them fat cats £49m extra and thats only going by if every car sold is in the £15 tax bracket! http://www.confused.com/car-insurance/articles/drivers-losing-millions-of-pounds-a-year-in-ghost-tax?MediaCode=806&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NewsletterMR20150526manual&utm_source=Newsletter20150526
  15. Put more fuel in and get it round the bloke a few times, might just need its throat cleared also check the tick over may have slipped down.
  16. +1 on what slice said. We have to remember that this is a cruiser and thus the brakes aren't going to be R1 grade but i think maybe time to do a brake re-fresh. Fit new pads and disk, stainless HEL (or other make) brake line and fresh DOT 4 will solve any issues.
  17. Yer i heard them stories too, thats why as soon as i sell a vehicle i inform them at the first available chance as mostly sell things on weekends. All insurance comps i've been with have always just automatically re insure it unless told otherwise, 9 times out of 10 im happy for them to do that as long as im not paying too much more than a new insurance company would offer but its is this high priced fancy named cancellation fee that has sort of tard my relationship with Adrian flux, but unless there are other companies that insure modified one off bikes then it looks like i'll be going back with them once the chop is built.
  18. Bit of a long one so sorry haha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This Is where is started, Date: 11/05/2015 Dear Mr Keith Raquet Following the cancellation of your policy we can confirm there is now an outstanding balance on your account of £97.23 To avoid delay, if we do not hear from you in the next 7 days to arrange payment, we will assume that you wish to pay using the card held on file, and we will arrange for this payment to be taken automatically. For your reference, we will use the card ending in ****************. Road Traffic Act 1988 Motor Insurance Policy Number 5217706**** Policyholder’s name Mr Keith Raquet Vehicle registration number Y164 NJN We confirm that the policy to which the certificate relates has ceased to have effect. Notes This letter confirms that your policy is cancelled. It will be deleted from the Motor Insurance Database which is used by the police to enforce the law on insurance and if you use your vehicle without a valid policy, you will be committing an offense. Yours sincerely Sarah Langley --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I then informed them that there wouldn't be sufficient funds in our account due to an unforeseen bill that dry raped us and i also asked the question of why i had to pay this sum of money even though i no longer had the vehicle and they came back with: Date: 18/05/2015 Dear Mr Keith Raquet Further to our previous letter we have tried to take the balance due of £97.23 from your debit/credit card but it was declined by your card issuer. This matter is now urgent and requires your immediate attention. To ensure no further action is taken, you should make payment within the next seven days. Failure to submit the required sum will result in an additional charge of £35 being added to the debt and the matter being passed to our debt collectors who, if the debt remains unpaid, will add their own charges to the outstanding amount and action may be taken to recover the debt through the County Court. If this action is taken and Judgement is obtained, details will be recorded on your credit record. In addition to the debt increasing with solicitors’ costs and court fees, this will result in you experiencing difficulties obtaining credit in the future. We trust this action will not have to be enforced, although we have to advise you of the above as a matter of standard practice. Please call our customer service team, or if you have access to the internet, the easiest way to pay the amount is via our secure website. Simply log on to www.bikesure.co.uk/customers and then choose ‘Make a Payment’. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone you can scan the QR code on the right hand side to direct you straight to our payments page. If you do not have a QR code reader, just visit your app store and you can download one for free. If you have made payment within the last few days, please accept our apologies and ignore this letter. We trust the above is clear, however, if you do have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely Hayley Sutton Reason for paying this amount: Date: 22/05/2015 Dear Mr Raquet We acknowledge receipt of your recent email and can confirm the following information regarding the cancellation of your policy. The policy incepted on 28/02/2015 with a total premium of £152.73, which included a £45 policy set up fee and an insurance premium of £107.73 with Markerstudy Insurance. Premium Credit Limited funded this amount. Please note that the set up fees and optional extras are non-refundable after the first 14 days of the policy. Premium Credit Limited are an outside company that handle our clients' finance agreements and monthly direct debit payments. They apply a 14% interest on top of the amount financed. Any finance agreement in place is automatically terminated upon cancellation of your policy. Premium Credit Limited then pass any outstanding balance on to us. At the time of cancellation on 09/05/2015, your insurers issued a pro rata refund of £46.79. After the deduction of our commission and £25 cancellation fee, a refund of £12.97 was available to use against the balance with Premium Credit Limited. This left a short fall of £97.23 payable by you. Please find attached a copy of our Terms of Business for your reference. This confirms all charges made by us in the event of cancellation. Please refer to your policy booklet for details of the charges made by the insurers. If you have access to the internet, the easiest way to pay the above balance is via our website www.adrianflux.co.uk. Simply select 'Existing Clients' and then 'Make a Payment'. Alternatively, please contact our customer service team by telephone or forward a cheque or postal order. We trust the above is clear and should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely Gemma Jobber ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So once our bank account was back in the black i went onto the said website to pay my "debt" but that link didn't work and just came up with "web page unknown" and the call centers where closed so had to get the wife to explain what this QR code scanner thing was and used that. After paying it had a message back on Adrian Flux's website saying "Thank you for your payment" job jobbed Not as far as they think any way: Date: 26/05/2015 Dear Mr Raquet Please read the below carefully, which concerns the balance remaining on your cancelled insurance policy. Our records appear to show we have not received payment for the outstanding balance on file of £92.23. Unfortunately, due to this we have had to pass the above amount to our debt collection agency for recovery, who will contact you directly in due course. Further to our previous correspondence we can confirm that the amount outstanding to us has been reduced as your insurers have issued a further refund following the cancellation of your policy. It may be possible to withdraw the balance from the debt collection agency and avoid the additional fees that they will charge, subject to full payment being made to us within the next seven days. If the debt remains unpaid, action may be taken to recover the debt through the County Courts, which may affect your future credit rating. We trust the above is clear, should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact ourselves. Yours sincerely Donna Benefer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, after a nice chat to a lovely lass called Holly this morning she manages to find out that there was a "technical error" with the website and the payment didn't go through, so we done it over the phone, no debt collectors or nowt happening now
  19. i'll post up all the letters they sent me in a bit. Just "on hold" at the moment
  20. This is total bollocks, So i find out that this sum is because as i paid it monthly they get some form of "loan" off another company to pay the insurance off and my monthly payments are paying that finance off So using the letter i was given i went on the net to pay the "debt" but the web address on the letter wasn't recognized, so i then had to go onto the wife's billy wiz i Pad this and use a QR code scanner (what ever they are) and finally get sent straight to Adrian Fluxes payment site and i cough up the full amount to clear my name. BUT NO! just had an email this morning telling me that they have not received the money and they have passed it onto the debt collectors team. and this is Bike Sure. At 0900hrs i will be on that dog n bone finding out what the heck is going on and to see if i ever use them again.
  21. Yer as Slice said buddy, it took me 3 months to do a full rebuild of my XVS650 motor. the bitch part is getting the rotor off so that you can split the crank cases. also a full engine gasket set is a healthy £177 off Wemoto. First few mins are of the engine build (excuse the cheesy music it was the only good one youtube had haha)
  22. Thats good news buddy! Again lets not jump straight to the expensive thoughts, as she was sitting outside for a number of months you may find that the block connectors on the wiring loom have gone rusty or just got shit in side so take them all off (one by one) and clean all the pins up with either WD40 or a good electrical cleaner and plug them all back in then try. As for the running probs clean the carbs again as you may find that its sucked some crap through again that was in the lines. did you replace the spark plugs?
  23. Hmmmm................. Its either: Failed piston rings...... Big ends..................... Or something in the clutch has failed and as you pulled the clutch in its failed to disengage and has locked the motor up??? When did you last change the oil? And is there oil in the motor?
  24. I'm thinking Coils have gone pop..??? If you aren't getting a spark then this is where your problem is. but first lets try simple cheap things first. If you have a Manuel this will be very handy!! Remove and clean spark plugs with wire brush to get good contact Spray some WD40 up inside the cap (the bit that goes on top of spark plug) Try and get a spark now If no spark, bin and replace the spark plugs See if you get a spark If no Spark look in your manual to find the black connector that supplies the coils with power and clean the pins with electrical cleaners Try and get a spark If no spark order new coils (not second hand ones) Hopefully this will give you spark. You only need to turn the bike over a few times to see if your getting a spark so don't hold the button down and kill the battery.
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