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  1. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Thanks for that Drew, think i'll just pop to my local nuts n bolts shop and throw the bag of rusty ones at them and get a kit made up. normally only costs about £20 ish. These are the only bit holding me up with bolting the cases back together now, i put the gear selector mechanism in last night and she selects all 5 gears nice a smoothly. Im still um and arring about the final paint scheme tho.
  2. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Making good progress now, gearbox is in, kick start mechanism is in after some choice words, crank is in along with the chains and the final drive sprocket. Hopefully the bank account is OK for me to get the SS nuts n bolts to bolt the cases back together and then it's onto the middle and top end.
  3. My mate has the America and when he was away on ship (one of them there Navy boys) he loaned it to me for 3 months and i loved it, handled better than the draggy and had so much more poke. only down side was the ignition module, his went on a mad one and started firing on one cylinder which happened to me mid way round a round about (not fun) If you do buy it over the draggy, a set of slash cut pipes are highly recommended, give her the roar of a pissed off grizzly
  4. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    After Wednesday night buddy that would have been the case! was in A&E from 2030hrs till 0245hrs with a piece of wire brush lodged in my eye ball which managed to get past my goggles, and i can tell you that even though they numbed it with drops, clamped my eye open with some sort of medieval under eye lid device then come at you with tweezers there is no way that you NOT going to blink even with them telling you not too still.............................oil pump and sump is on at least ha-ha
  5. As Lassy said buddy, as long as your not fitting something stupid like 9" risers if you just re-route the old cables there will be sufficient length already supplied.
  6. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Good news everybody! Twas our 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday and as Laura is a fab lass she bought me the gasket set as my present so i can now get cracking putting the motor back together Just cleaning up the con rods at the moment and then the little bits of the gears that have rust on, then i will start plonking it all back in.
  7. As per Kev's response ha-ha Take your time, you paid for the test so use all the time given and even try and blag a cuppa too!
  8. Correct me if im wrong...but is that truck fitted with rear wheel steer? looks as tho it is to me and if im right then the trucker didn't need to take it that wide as the rear end will follow on nice and not "kick out" like a fixed axle would. the depo would have known he would be going down side roads and delegated a appropriate wagon to fit such roads (hence my believing its a rear steer truck) Yes he still would have come over the white line, but no where near as far as he did. Also if you watch it again (probably for the 15th time ha-ha) and then carry on his potential line you can see the rear wheels following nicely with the front end and going completely over to the other side. So as we all agreed if he slowed down and took the corner less wide he could have hugged the curb more and make the corner.
  9. Can't really remember much about the cosmetic parts of the 125 draggy, im sure it you take them off and there are no internal parts visible then just ditch them if how ever your faced with a hand full of oil and a valve picking you in the eye then id suggest keep them on
  10. Twas "Dream About Me" by Moby
  11. Fantastic bike, bit heavy at low speed if your on the lighter side but not one of those twitchy things that can't filter through traffic. Tout had his mono shock snap (i think, or might have been Tasky) but a good wash down and remove the mudguard and wash the shock once a year will keep that at bay. Make sure she has new oil every year and be certain the sump plug is tight as they really don't like being run with no oil They do vibrate like fook at high speed so if you do want to thrap the tits off her now and then, check for any loose bits after/before each ride. apart from that this (i my opinion) is a cracking bike and would buy another one in a heart beat. (then chop the fuck out if it )
  12. Ha, yer right. i just can't find where he made out that it was a 1972?? this is the only number on the bike that you can date, and when i asked him he just said thats what his shipping mate over the pond told him it was. But again how did they know it was a 72?
  13. Hmmmm, interesting? im not sure to be honest will have to look and see if they do. i found this on Honda choppers site http://www.hondachopper.com/engine/engine_timeline/timeline.html My engine number is CB750E-2897820 which to me looks as tho its a 1977 / 1978? not a 1972 as it was advertised,
  14. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Thanks bud, no sadly no trick internals due to money and the price list of parts for the exterior is already up in the £1000s and thats not including the powder coating and paint. only "trick" parts left to do to the engine is im either copper plating the covers or having them hydro dipped but still waiting on price quotes on both.
  15. Good on you Mahou! your doing it the same way as many of us have done and is the best way to learn! quick tip tho if and when you take the rear wheel out make sure its all lined up correctly when you put it back in, no worse feeling when you go round a corner and the rear wheel wants to overtake you
  16. Just contacted the man in charge of helping with dating certs on the VJMC and this was his answer Hi Keith, It looks like you’ll have to have a new DVLA 17 digit frame no. If there are any mods to the frame, it will have to be a Q plate... I have to be brief – I’m going away for a week. Kind regards, Geoff So it looks like its a Q plate and then off out to buy a personal number plate for her once she's finished
  17. Congratulations Alex, very nice
  18. Noise

    Rape Alarms

    To be fair i'd give them an A for effort!! must have been Ninja twats to pull that one off, possibly even educated too!
  19. Noise

    Fz600 Gulf

    Woohoo!! only been 3 years in the making, Looking forward to the finished piccies
  20. Already looked into getting a scrapped frame but there's none about only one i found was on eBay for a 1972 but again that one was imported from america and needs to be built and MOT'd before it could be registered. Will they do a dating cert just for the engine number then? i thought it had to be on the frame?
  21. The struggle keeps on going, been in contact with the DMV in Wisconsin to see if they had any history on the chop but their records are only kept for about 5 years and my frame number (custom made up one) wasn't found on their database so where un able to help further. So i thought to try the DVLA and see what i could get to gain this age related plate to which they came back with: The following documents are acceptable to allocate an age related mark to an American imported vehicle that is presented for registration: • Certificate of Origin • Certificate of Title • Certificate of Sale • Certificate of Lien Sale Do any of you know of how i can get one of those? All i have is the print out that the duty has been paid upon import and a receipt of sale.
  22. I have written to Lee at Bike sure expressing my opinion on this matter but im still waiting for a response, but i know that he hardly comes on here that much so i will just wait.
  23. Hi CB, welcome to the mad house, I have done a little bit of digging on this and just looked at the bare frames (pic) of both the royal star and 1100 draggy and by the loos of things the seat mounting points are totally different, you would be able to fit the seat but you would have to get a good welder to cut and shut the plate where the seat clips into. Ok this is a bit on the pricey side but you get the piece of mind that its a straight bolt on jobber http://www.metriccruisers.co.uk/acatalog/yamaha_xvz1300_seats.html
  24. is there a link at all? Tasky i bet it IS foamy selling his crap on
  25. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Hey folk, thought I'd better pull my finger out and finally prove what I have been doing over the past few weeks, sadly as always money is slowing things down a bit but I should still be on track to getting the motor finished by Christmas. Here's the crank cases all cleaned and painted And a quick sneaky peak at what the final assembly will be like, rocker cover and other covers will be knickle plated
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