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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking for saddlebag guards for my XVS 950A midnight star Tourer, anyone know where I can get them ?
  2. I need to fit bar risers to my XVS950 Midnight Star, where can I get throttle cables 3inches longer than standard, Help
  3. thanks will have a look and try carbs
  4. Hi just bought xvs 950 midnight star 2009, first ride and if under 40mph I had to be in 3rd, or if crusing only managed if in 3rd or 4th and even then engine seemed to be hunting felt like piston slap? goes ok if exelerating, any one any ideas Nev
  5. Hi all, been to Holland done the ferry thing, they got new regs now you have to strap your own bike down, they have thin webbing straps not proper ratchet type, that are pointed out by the side of the bike bays for your use also short lengths of that blue rope, easy to use,and the ship, entertainment, bars all great, we had a wonderful time glad we give it a go thanks to all for your comments and help.
  6. thanks all, much appreciated.
  7. great replies thanks to all of you, Im a bit nervous 1st time bike on ferry so all info gives me more confidence " even for a 64year old" it all helps
  8. thanks for the tip, will take towel n ratchets just encase! going down to Herentals in Belgium for wedding then back up to Uden, relatives war grave, and calling in Den Bosh on way home, in all about a week
  9. Hi you, Im going to Holland from Hull, (P&O ferry) any info on bike tie-down on board, do I need my own ratchet straps ? ease of boarding ? any info Id be grateful, thanks
  10. Thanks for the welcome, and YES living in NEV land is wonderful all sunny n bright n fluffy, the rest of the world just dont understand,
  11. Hi All, just joined so this is me = 63 years old, been riding for years then stopped for family n work abroad, got back into bikes about 6 years ago had Yamaha virago 535, now have XVS 650 dragstar classic, me n her loving it getting out an about as much as poss, Salisbury next week. Oh should say live in Wrexham N Wales
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