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    I worship at the alter of kip.....!!

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  1. eduardo

    new member

    Welcome dan happy new year to you too
  2. Just had the first service on me XJ6 (thank you streetbike) and had smashing fun on the way home doing battle with all the cars on the M6.... me little girls awake now 8000 revs and she comes alive, 9000 revs and she....err....comes alive some more
  3. Hey drewpy i hear that the new law even counts if you only hav a bike 'frame' in the shed..!!! apparently the dvla regard the frame to be the bike...... any thoughts ??
  4. hiya jack good luck with finding a bike....just remember to get some good quality training in before you jump out ya car and onto two wheels my friend
  5. eduardo

    help needed

    Hi jockster.......... 0121 5066800 is the phone number of a good dealer in England, the first four numbers are the area code for birmingham, hope this helps
  6. eduardo


    YAAAAAAAAAY full licence at last..... how long is it till next summer
  7. Hey wouldn't be easier if they just close their own shades..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hiya and welcome to the open road........ if it's cheap gear you're after try scouting around car-boot sales while we still have a little bit of sun left...... i can't believe the bargains i've had from tank bags for a fiver to full leathers in great nick for thirty quid!!! best of luck with the hunt for panniers Eddie
  9. Hi and happy rides ...........i'm a newbie too eddie
  10. eduardo

    hi to everyone

    Thanks barkwindjammer (what a cool name) at least i can sit on it and rev the engine........think i'll need a battery charger pretty soon lol
  11. eduardo

    hi to everyone

    Hi to everyone i'm Eddie and i've had a new XJ6N delivered on saturday but can't ride it yet cos still waiting to take the module 2 it's making me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! eddie
  12. eduardo

    hello guys

    Hi it's first time for me too... took delivery of an XJ6N on saturday but it's killing me not being able to ride it yet still waiting to take the module 2 hi to you all from Eddie
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