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  1. JohnnyK

    Winter hack

    Well done mate, onto Mod 1 now - word of advice, have a look at the different test centres in your area or speak to people about them if you can, as I have discovered that some are a lot bigger than others, and therefore the high-speed manoeuvres are a lot easier to handle. Best of luck!
  2. JohnnyK

    Winter hack

    P.S I know you said 125 or less, but the ER-5 is a docile enough creature, and I really do think it would be a superb choice
  3. JohnnyK

    Winter hack

    On a serious note, I would highly recommend taking a look at a Kawasaki ER-5... completely bulletproof, great winter hack imo and you can pick up a goodish one on eBay for around £700 if you catch them right. I did my training on one and thought it would be fantastic for the winter, this one had been dropped more times than Ann Widdecombe in Strictly rehearsals and it still soldiers on.
  4. JohnnyK

    DAS next week...

    Passed, am selling up the baby drag and getting something bigger! EDIT : Didn't realise I couldn't say I was selling something without being a paid member... link removed
  5. yeah and be sure to include the damage from the last crash as well
  6. JohnnyK

    DAS next week...

    Chaps, The company I had in mind to do my DAS with early next year phoned me yesterday with a cancellation for next week... in a fit of madness, I booked it! This time next week I might have my full licence... wish me luck....
  7. Chin up mate. Did the guy use his indicators at all? If he wasn't, he should have been. This sounds like one of those where you weren't really in the wrong but you probably don't have a claim if you ask me, but it's really all down to the exact circumstances. How bad is the bike dinged up?
  8. I am having these mods done tomorrow as well. I'm also fitting a HiFlo oil filter, new plugs, a new stock air filter and a new chain w/ rear sprocket. I'm hoping it will feel like a brand new bike will let you know how I get on. At the moment I do around 30 miles a day on the A3, and at 50mph I either have to be at extremely high revs in 4th, or I change up into 5th only to suffer a loss of power/speed, meaning I'm constantly shifting to maintain speed. Anyway, will let you know how I get on.
  9. Cheers Gas I will ask my man to give them a once over on Friday.
  10. Hi guys, I've got the bike going into the shop on Friday for a good overhaul; getting some engine bars fitted, new chain/sprockets (front sprocket +2 teeth, as per MarkyBoy's experiment), got a new 100 jet, new brake lever, indicator stalk, oil filter, air filter, and a partridge in a pear tree... Anyhoo, today driving into work I noticed the rear brake squeaking at low speeds when light pressure was applied... is this something sinister? Cheers all John
  11. cool mate, I'll defo buy that sissy bar off you. I'm going to treat the rust this weekend as well if I can... Sunday morning sound good? Oh I lost my phone by the way so we're going to have to keep in contact on here...
  12. you tit. Are we still on for this weekend? I'll be buying parts off what's left of your bike soon if you're not careful! Are you still planning on chopping it?
  13. I'd love to see you try and reach up to wipe your visor whilst doing 50 with that thing on! Moral of the story is don't buy clothing online, unless they give size charts (measure yourself) or you've tried it on in the store first!
  14. I am going to attempt Markyboy's sprocket/filter/jet tweaks at some point in the near future. Will let you know how it goes...
  15. JohnnyK

    Rust on frame

    Sounds good mate
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