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  1. time to do some reading up I think I assumed Bov Would Do The Trick As There Easyer To Adjust and do the same job Got Any Links To Suggest
  2. Where Can I Find a Plenum Small Enough To Fit 32 - 36 mm Intake, Would A BOV Not Do The Job Then From Experience I Want IT Runing Around The 12 PSI Force And Drop The Compression Ratio To 7 : 1 Finally Started striping Down The 250 To Respray And Modify Found Out It Runs A Mitsubishi Electrical System Il Have A Few Pictures Soon Now Its Been Moved To Our Workshop I Can Crack On
  3. Turbo is exhaust driven Supercharger Is engine driven but it will need some sort of pressure release system between charger and engine BOV seems to fit that purpose I have been on hold on this project due to unforeseen circumstance But went and had a look at the 250 yesterday and it should be in the bike running Stock in a month or 2 then il start on the charger
  4. I always use murco super un leaded the XT doesn't like shell fuel at all ?
  5. hears a 2013 big cc smoker Maico 685 http://www.mxlynx.com/2013/05/maico-685-cross-2013-beast.html
  6. so the other day iv pulled me bike out jumped on rode off, I get to the end of my road and just about to join an roundabout and the engine cuts out . . . WTF keep trying to start it nothing. pulled choke in and it start then after 15 - 20 seconds cuts out and wont start I keep trying nothing cant even smell petrol come through Hmm, so I bust out mini tool kit open up the carb bleed to see if the carbs getting petrol, nope no petrol id all ready checked the petrol tank when it first cut out so iv isolated it the fault to the vacuum tap to the float needle (pray it wasn't the float needle) t
  7. best allround on/off road tyre on the market in my opinion Metzeler Unicross im on my 3rd set now and they are amazing dry or wet tarmac they have never failed me and as on/off roader tyres go on the dirt sand and gravel they bite the floor and away you go they last a good 4000 - 6000 miles on a 125 on road very aggressive tread pattern bad news is you cant get them any where as the don't produce them any more also for tyres I seriously suggest using openeo.com free delivery (2-3days) cheapest around shipped from poland if I can get me a set for cheap il give em a go though
  8. yep they run the Yamaha YZF125R (R6 Replica) engine as does the Yamaha WR125 they might have some differences like gearing ratio, valve height and external parts fuel system down pipes but the same engine
  9. hahaha iv just realised is im going to be super charging this im gonna need a BOV/dump valve but first things first get the engine in and running just waiting till Friday so I can buy the cdi and coil
  10. nope I think theres only one and a spare in the back of the starter solenoid holder and neutral is also a kill switch for when the clutch (kill switch) is engaged before starting find where that spark came from or do as I did run it on 30amp fuse that problem connection/wire will will soon start smoking then you will know which one and just trace in a new one ^I don't seriously suggest this^ it was just my lazy way of finding a problem wire but it worked, its just lucky nothing else blew
  11. no there is supposed to be oil in bothsides for definite you can be sure of this also by the starter motor being stator side that will need oil on the gears whats actually wrong with it dose it start at all, any funny sounds nocking or smells burning oil or electrics, what colour is the exhaust smoke the only oil seal I could think that would cause it to die and still be holding oil would be the piston oil ring and is letting oil up past the piston that would usually be down to there being to much oil or a blocked crankcase breather so how many miles has it done do you self serv
  12. mate isn't there supposed to be oil in the crankcase flywheel side well there is in mine also how much oil was left in the engine when you emptied it
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