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  1. at least check out link 2. A tri blog is 3 off us riding around messing around
  2. The otherday i got some new tyres and a scala rider Q3 and done a review on them. Please would people check it out and leave some feedback in the comments like, dislike and sub if you want to see more all helps and i will return favours if asked. link 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5chmchP6a8 Now the intresting one i also was part off a vlog that my mates do on the bike and this time we attempted a tri vlog which worked really well, please help support this channel too and leave comments for improvement Link 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6iPZmdwpUE&list=UUBr5wcIyadTdd_8C71u_BQA&feature=c4-overview Thanks Guys and girls
  3. thanks Airhead I will keep at it, people will always find something to put it down, even the more popular vloggers just the way it is, this vlog was rushed it will be a good 2 weeks before I think about another vlog just so I can think off a topic. And go pro is an amazing little camera although may get drift also.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback, obviously it was a first video, I must admit I watch all barons videos so have got a few phrases from him or voice which I am working on, and I can drive better than this in fact I know an instructor and he thinks I would pass easy I just act a little stupid on the road for video just to mix it up, driving normally wouldn't be much fun. And nothing more will be reviled I know it was a lot but I didn't mind it once Thanks guys.
  5. I have recently just got a lot off gear for the go pro to get into the vlogging, this is my first vlog but spent time editing and care while making it . If I could ask people to take a look at my videos this one mainly and give me feedback it is much appreciated and I will take all comments on board and will help others out as much as I can My first vlog : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU5BJ4WU76g Subscribe if you wish to see more content. Thanks. ps don't hold back on criticising
  6. ahh thats alright then, light im not complaining still cheap.
  7. I have just wondered what sort off range I should be getting on my ybr tank, I top up around 7 litres, and get to about 140 miles when I top up this is just before the red mark as I don't want the crap in my engine. is this a little low as I have seen people say 240 per tank ?
  8. It may be worth checking out the HT lead, on my old bike we had bad weather and the HT lead was old but turned out to be that, bike would idle fine, and sometimes work but if I did rev it would cut out, sometimes wouldn't start at all after cutting out, may be worth a look.
  9. thank you for the help I will take that on-board then I was hoping it was nothing to worry about
  10. yeah they don't bottom out while riding I was just at lights with my mate rocked the bike and pushed fairly hard and they squeaked, it wasn't a loud noise was more of a chirp, I haven't look recently to see if it is still their bike is still %100 and hasn't felt different in the handling.
  11. The fork seals are fine, nothing seems to be wrong with them, I only noticed it as I pushed hard on them so im guessing it was like where it was on the last bit that It caused it to squeak as they where near full compression if this is possible ?
  12. mm thanks for the good review, I don't plan on doing anything big yet I do just want to have it for my purpose and people I know I do plan to make a mash of all the clips off the idiots on the road. don't think my little ybr is capable of them speeds haah. ill keep it going and just see how it all pans out.
  13. On my YBR 125 I noticed today while on my way home that my forks were squeaking, its not too bad and isn't herd under slight compression it was more when I stopped and pushed down hard on them, anyone have any ideas or should I leave it as its not doing it all the time. Thanks Jack
  14. thanks for the feedback guys and yeah I do understand the 3 minuet thing, Im looking to get a mic for an interesting convo or I will be looking to do short clips of me messing around. and DirtyDT I appreciate that some people arn't just blank it next time
  15. Im from Medway are Strood and that could be interesting to get like a big Kent meet up. And not a clue
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