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  1. At4500 revs my xt seems to hold back every now and then the bike will go well then it starts playing up again Check fuel, plug decompressor It seems like fuel Any help would be appreciated Beefy
  2. Did you ever sort this out I'm having the same problem with the fuel 4500revs and it holds back Thanks Beefy
  3. Would a xt600 carb fit a xt550 Tried everything last resort Still having trouble with fuel starvation Cheers Beefy
  4. I have an xt 550 1982 which is up and running but:- when you open it up it feels like its holding back and you get a back fire off it when you ease off had the carbs cleaned and checked had the valves checked some times it will run ok but the next time it is flat as shit any idea what to do next Cheers Beefy
  5. its an 1982 with 7000 miles on the clock all i have had done was the carb utrasonic cleaned the bike runs well until you give it some revs then it start to hold back trys to go but wont it does back fire when you let the revs off thanks
  6. Can anyone help bike starts and ticks over perfectly but when you open it up it holds back and trys to go but wont (40 mph top end) it feels like fuel starvation to me as any one had this problem Thanks Beefy
  7. I have a xv125 can some one help with all the pipe connections? 3 connections on the tap top middle and bottom plus the pipe off the inlet and the pipe back off the pump I also have a pipe connector missing a pipe on the carb Help Help Cheers Beefy
  8. I'm after the rubber that connects the carb to the air filter where's the best place to get one? How does the old rubber come out does anyone know? Thanks Beefy
  9. Beefy


    For Sale FS1SE chop Hopefully finishing this week a nice black FS1SE chop 1984, just waiting for the front and rear mud guard chain guard and engine supports to come back from the re chromer, bike show 1300 miles, rest of the bike in decent condition Looking for offers over 1000.00 If interested give me a call 01743 850577 Will show photos when all back together Check out ebay photos now on looking good now sold thanks
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