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    Past: - Suzuki GSX 750 ES - Suzuki GSX 7/11 ET Streetfighter - Yamaha FZX 750 - Suzuki GSX-R 750 Streetfighter (Slabby) - Honda VF 1000 F - Yamaha FJ1100 - Yamaha FJ1200 - Yamaha XJR 1300 - Kawasaki ZZR 600 - Yamaha XJ6-N Current: - Suzuki M1800R - Yamaha FZX 750 Future: - Yamaha MT-01 - Triumph Speed Triple

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    Zaandijk, the Netherlands
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  1. Sander Koop

    My FZX 750

    My Yamaha (well, you get a little bit of my Suzuki as well...)
  2. Long term member, but I've been unfaithful; haven't had a Yamaha for a while. I now have a rather tasty FZX 750 again! [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:1061] My childhood dream bike, improved. On a side note; how do I remove pics from my gallery? I no longer own the bikes in there apart from this one, and I would like to remove them! Seeing the XJR upsets me... Loved that bike sooooo much.
  3. Name: Yamaha FZX 750 (1992) Date Added: 23 July 2013 - 09:26 PM Owner: Sander Koop Short Description: Semi streetfighter... FZR 1000 USD front end, TDM 850 rear wheel, FZ 750 exhaust system. View Vehicle
  4. Cool. I'll see if I can find a set! :-) Here's a pic of the bike in question...
  5. Will they fit? I have just got my hands on a modified Yamaha FZX 750, and the brakes are already good, but... The blue spot callipers are just awesome, and they look brilliant as well. ;-)
  6. Bit late with my response... I bought mine new, but preregistered. 60 plate, 0 miles on the clock, bought in 8/2011. So I've had her about 2 years now. 16500 miles later, still on original chain & sprockets and on 2nd front & 3rd rear tyre (punctured one). Good bike. If a bit bland & boring... Does everything well enough... Handles well enough, is fast enough, stops well enough. Doesn't excel at anything. As for MPG - saw a few numbers before of 180 to a tank. I get 140 on average?!? I must have a loose wrist! :-) My IXIL full system makes her sound nice at least...
  7. 18 and an R6 - be prepared to pay through the nose! Unfortunately, it is the d!ckheads that ruin it for the rest of us, as always! Good luck; I'd suggest MCE, as I have had good experiences with them myself. CN used to be good, but not for me anymore???
  8. Sander Koop


    9.5k miles out of a set? Wow. Impressive... I'm on 4500, and my rear Dunlop IS getting a bit low... Then again, my old XJR would have chewed it up completely by now!
  9. Sander Koop

    Yamaha XJ6

    The buzzing I meant is the engine - in that rev range (between 6/7k RPM), the engine is a little buzzy... It smooths out if I either drop or raise the revs out of that band...
  10. Sander Koop


    I'd stick with Bridgestone. I have been a huge fan since I had my XJR 1300, and managed to get 6000 miles out of a back tyre... Was down to the radial by then, but STILL gripped. I still miss that bike - did 35k miles on it in 18 months of owning it!
  11. Sander Koop

    Yamaha XJ6

    Bridgestones? Mine (2010 model) came with Dunlop SportMax's on it? I'm not a fan, and my next set will be Battlax's of one type or other...
  12. D'oh. Yes, shorter, of course...
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