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  1. Kier

    Yamaha XJ6

    Completely forgot that I had an account on here! I made this thread in 2010, and I'm ashamed it took me until January 2013 to get my bike license! Two days before the new law changes. A month later, I'm a proud owner of a 2012 XJ6 F-ABS in black. I'm annoyed its taken me so long to do it, I love it! I can't wait for the summer though, getting a bit fed up of riding in the cold.
  2. Kier

    Yamaha XJ6

    Thanks very much! Definitely going to get lessons and all, only been on a bike once round my mates garden...and that was a twist and go kinda thing. Aim on getting my bike after I've done the test. Need to find somewhere that is cheap and recommended now lol.
  3. Kier

    Yamaha XJ6

    Thanks for the reply . I was looking at the 2009 model, as they are in my price range, maybe a little older, depends how much money I have when I pass my DAS...sadly I've got to pay for car insurance on my birthday...so can't do it right away . Not too fussed about top speed and all that, just something for a bit of fun for now. While I'm here...its a lot more confusing getting a license for a bike than a car...I understand that I need to do a CBT and theory before I can take my test, is this included in the DAS course? Or will I need to do that before I start the lessons/test? Thanks.
  4. Kier

    Yamaha XJ6

    Hello! I'm hoping to do my DAS when I turn 21 in just over 2 months. Been thinking about it for a while, and finally set my mind on it. The main reason why I want a bike is purely for fun, and maybe to and from work every so often. I don't really know anything about bikes, so have joined a few forums to get some opinions about what would be a good first bike. A few people have said about the XJ6 Diversion being a good start, and a few reviews that I've read have said similar. I also have to be a bit careful with insurance, I did a quote for a Ninja...which came back at £2,300. XJ6 came back at a much nicer £770, which I didn't think was too bad. Is a XJ6 a good choice to go for as a first bike? Is there anything that I need to look out for when buying/viewing? Thanks .
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