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  1. P4LMS

    I hate this part!

    Thank you for the adivce. It is a real shame that everyone my age gets tarred with the same brush when it's only a small minority that are stupid! However, I will try all three and see how i get on Many thanks Harry
  2. Aha, I wish my girlfriend was like that Thanks for the tip, I shall give it a go! Many thanks Harry
  3. Can anyone help me?! Does anyone know of any good/cheap UK insurance companies. I am 18 and will have 2 year no claims in april. I'm on the verge of passing my full license and am looking to purchase an R6 in spring and have it restriceted to 33BHP (which is a shame on such a great bike). Am I dreaming or is it possbile to achieve?? Thanks P4LMS
  4. Hello and thank you for the responses. Ha, tell me about it!! i just hope it will be cheaper than a car. I've looked on price comparison websites but they don't have the option to say whether it has been restricted or not and Carol Nash couldn't offer me one online. Ringing up is such a tedious task, but i guess it's inevitable. I am currently on an XR125 (which is great, a smashing ride) i'm just hungry for more!! I agree, I've contemplated whether an R6 is the best move.... But I can't bring myself to say no, it must be my naivety. I think the only option is to scour the internet looking for a suitable and reasonably priced quote, and if that's not possible its 'bye-bye' to the R6 dream. Thanks for the relpies they will prove useful in my quest for the damned insurance! @Wild Foamy - Did you use Gocompare when you were 18 then, 'cause they must not like me, ha. Thanks again Harry
  5. Hi all! My name is Harry. I am 18 years of age and started riding bikes as soon as I legally could (maybe before) I'm currently in the process of passing my test and am considering the wonderful R6 once passed. Obviously it will need to be restricted to 33BHP. Could anyone give any advice on insurance premiums?? Thanks Harry
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