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    "PORN Is the answer" lots and lots of porn to watch "I HAVE SOME GOOD PORN"
  2. He told me He also said you were not worth the BAN
  3. Ride down to Kavos Totty EVERYWHERE
  4. orange beetle

    Pissed Off

    Your lucky the B&Q Shed hadn't arrived!! They are so shite it would of blown in on your EXUP Causing MORE DAMAGE to the bike
  5. Well thats my poll ruined lol WORTH IT THOUGH Well done to the mods you know it makes sense,
  6. orange beetle

    Big Wave

    JMW POSTED I'm told that it is so horrible that the only way to get through it is to try to mentally detach yourself JMW you should find this part a piece of piss
  8. orange beetle

    Dear moderators

  9. "RUN RAYJAY RUN" What pleasure do you get in fucking up somebody's forum???? Why not START YOUR OWN and then any fucker who wants to read your bollox cah join. COMPRENDEZ
  10. Truth squad "I LIKE YOU" Say it like it is Yamaha club you were warned plenty of times....Now smell the coffee
  11. Remember the last time!!! "RUN ARDON RUN" Shut up or I will send 2 TWELVE year olds round to slap you about AGAIN
  12. <<<<<<<<<<<NEWBIE :shock: I have been a member over a year ffs. Just because I dont TROLL the sh*t out of your site don't make me a bad person :cry: Would you prefere I JMW'd your site to get a higher post mark????
  13. :shock: "I LOVE YOU"xxx Get ya coat you have pulled :twisted:
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