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  1. RDly

    Tyre Pressure

    Hi Alex, thanks for asking after me Since I took up the Admin role over at the aircooled site, I have little time for much else. True I was a moderator here but that was back in the days of the Yamaha owners clubs infancy. I'm glad to see it's thriving, and Mervin let me know you was over here!! Anyway, stop typing on bloody forums and get some biccies down your neck, you're half the man now I used to know KEEF
  2. RDly

    Write off categories

    Here's my Diversion 600. It was a Cat D and cost me £600, then a further £30 to fix You can see the damage was only to the rear light and panels otherwise it was a minter. I sold it on ebay for £1350 and clearly stated it was a Category D write off. The buyer said it was the cleanest one he had seen and gladly paid the cash in my hand, after all he saved at least £700 over a similar bike without a HPI history.
  3. RDly

    Write off categories

    P.S. the VIC is not an MOT it's a verification of the vehicles identity, you can only have a VIC if you have a current MOT passed since the write off date. The purpose of the VIC is to prevent ringing, probably also the reason why CatC motorcycles do not require one, as bikes are harder to ring than cars. The VIC is required to get the DVLA to release the registration documents.
  4. RDly

    Write off categories

    Ok Here goes. I have had several insurance write offs and the schedule is as follows Cat D = Light cosmetic damage, beyond economical repair to the insurers. You will keep the original registration and a V5 will have to be applied for. The vehicle will not require a VIC (Vehicle Inspection Certificate) and can be put back on the road in the usual manner. Cat C = Moderate to heavy damage as Cat D but if its a car will require a 'VIC' Cat C motorcycles do not require a VIC Cat B = Heavy damage, sold for spares to a registered dismantler only, can not be returned to road use. Cat A = Total write off, must be scrapped by registered scrap merchant/recycler. Hope this helps ? By the way all Category write offs will appear on the HPI register. KEEF.
  5. Alan, was you attracted to the sheep for other, questionable reasons No wonder the farmer didn't thank you
  6. RDly


    They're not Chins Alan, they're my wifes thingies, I can't keep em away
  7. RDly


    HEHE....... Alan never let us see his elephant man chin
  8. RDly


    Strange !!!!! My wife says that wonder why
  9. Paragliding looks a cool sport. Trouble is most of the people doing it end up with broken backs or worse Edited by me cos me keyboard's knackered
  10. RDly

    Send your :)

    Come to Essex for a party. All the girls are minging before you get here, and no better after a drink
  11. RDly

    Tyre Presure

    I had a Divvy 600 until I decided to go back to RD's full time. My pressures were 32/38 one up. The wiggles over white lines are the first sign of a worn tyre carcass and time to get new rubber. My GPZ600R was also always stable at practically any pressure within reason, but when the tyres got beneath 2mm tread it would be a real pain and near dangerous ! especially over white lines between traffic. Don't forget tyre pressures are influenced by the weight of the rider as well as the machine, you must find the best (and safest) balance for yourself. Spend a Sunday afternoon and a splash of fuel and experiment, it will be the best spent spare time ever KEEF.
  12. Alex you da man !!!!!!!! You have no idea how much I would want to be in your shoes and no it's not for the smelly sock experience
  13. RDly

    i left her

    Na Alan she's still a virgin and will be until I give her a full service
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