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  1. BTW: a XS11 is doing 220km/h = 133mph. My old 2H9 from 1979 with nearly 194000km (=177000m) does this. (It uses a LOT of Oil then...) But: Accel to 200 is quick, from 200 to 220 needs waiting. CU Leo
  2. This type of of Mail is aka "Nigeria connection" from the first mass mails which tried this fraud... as we say over here: "It is an old hat!" ;-))
  3. Leon

    F*cked-up Lid?

    Change it. Dark is right. The foam is compressed and gives you only a small rest of the protection in the next crash than it did before. Leo
  4. Another warning: Yousing V2A-screws on the engine in aluminium screw threads could result in tight screws, this means after a time loosing the screws will kill the aluminium screw thread.... happens to me on an old CB550, where i replaced the soft cross slot srews. One year later i killed nearly all screw threads on this engine, just be loosen the screws... Leon
  5. Have the same Problem on my dt175mx...
  6. Over here: Rainy, wet 1 Degrre Celsius, cold, wet, brrrrrrr!!! I will take out my son Max (7) for a ride on the feedlot behind the house. He is running an old H**** PX50E ... Will see if he is freezing... It is too far to Spain for a weekend joyride... CU Leo
  7. If the play is really to feel: Replace the bearing. If you put the piston-pin with the bearing in the Piston-rod and feel some play when pulling/pushing toward the crank, than you have some work to do... There should be NO play you can feel. There could be two reasons for the play: upper and lower rod bearing. If its the lower one... . the upper one is eays to change. Water in the crankcase? This is for breeding TURBO_GOLD_FISHES !! No. There shoub be normally no way for water to come into the crankcase. This has to be tight. If the Bike was standig a long time in the rain with dismounted carb, there could be come water through the intake. Just blow it out. If the DT125 is the old aircooled model, so have after the first start an eye on the plug-colour, there is often a problem with the crankseal on the left side... Leon
  8. Hi. About welding: I have had same question a few years ago. I asked several people which do welding as their job, here is the destilled answer: You have to parts which you want to weld. Which type of welding, which current, which metal for welding depends on the material the parts are made of. If you choose one of them wrong you will not get a releiable connection of the parts. The people which do it all days are becoming careful if they have to weld unknown material. From that reason you have really big trouble at the technical test if they see, that your frame is welded. You have to bring certificates from the man who did the welding, from the manufacturer who made the welding material and from the motocycle company that the welding on this point of frame is allowed. For me, I solved the problem an other way: No solding on frames. For the other things I bought a cheap device withoutout gas, just the electrode, I use it for material with more than 2 mm thichness. I will buy a cheap welder with gas (CO2) for welding thin metal like you find in cars. (Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker...) Leon
  9. Leon

    My New Bike!

    @pete: Wish you a l ot of fun with the Postbox! (In Germany Postboxesa are yellow... Did You Know what BMW in German stands for? BMW = "Bring Mich Werkstatt" = "Take me to repaircenter" = "Bei Mercedes weggeworfen" = "Thrown away at Mercedes" and so on. From my - and some friends - experience, these new BMW are nice High-Tec bikes. You can use them on good weather on good roads. You should not use them in winter, on bad roads or if you are going more than 10000miles a year. If you do that, yopu will have to spend a lot of money on repairs..... Never thought of an XS100 ? Leon
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