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  1. did anyone else get this pm'd to them yesterday or day before?.... From Lizy Benson. Abidjan Cote D' I voire. Please reply to : [email protected] For my safety and security of my future I am making this proposal to you for our mutual benefit. This however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour it against your will. I am Miss Lizy Benson., 19 years old and the daughter of late Mr. and Mrs.Benson. My father was a highly reputable busnness magnet-(a cocoa merchant)who operated in the capital of Ivory coast during his days. It is sad to say that he pa
  2. cidered666


    I would also say to soak it wd40 1 hour before.
  3. I think that although the R1 would be my dream choice a more sensible choice (as the R1 WOULD kill me within an hour) is the new fazer....
  4. I just looked out and guess what - it's pi55ing down again. Still it gives you practise on wet-riding! My gear just about dries before it's next daily immersion. I bet Pete is pig-sick he's missing these wonderful opportunities to put his beemer through it's paces on slick, wet, pot-holed roads in the freezing rain.
  5. cidered666

    A Must-Read

    I am currently reading The Police Rider's Handbook to Better Motorcycling. Every time I read it there is always a bit that I think to myself 'from now on I'm gonna do that'. I think my riding/attitude (now 20 years+) improves with every re-read too. It should be compulsory reading at CBT level. There is so much mental stuff you have to do when riding not just park your arse on it and go. If you haven't, read it, and if you have read it again. It'll save your life one day.
  6. cidered666

    Dark Visors?

    I use a dark pin-lock insert in my arai which is great and because it isn't permanent is completely ok. This has another use as it stops it misting too so you don't have to lift it when ever you're stopped at lights etc.
  7. I was reading on another forum this berk advocating clutchless shifting as if it were an advanced motorcycle technique. He fell into the 'berk' category, however, when he went on to state that he regularly wheelied as a demonstration of his 'total' control of his machine. I, at that point, decided that clutchless shifting anywhere than in a race situation is for dickwads. As was pointed out it's ok for moto gp riders to do it as they have their bikes totally re-built after every ride - a luxury not all of us can afford!!
  8. Take a look at this..... http://www.break.com/index/brandnewbike.html what a pr*ck
  9. cidered666


    Nice one Merv I just noticed that whenever you post a gag all I ever reply is 'nice one Merv', so I'll add a bit more. This one made me larf till I wept esp. @ the bit where novice judge sh*t himself. Keep trawling the gusset of the internet and keep us posted with your finds. Much appreciated
  10. I don't know what it was but it touched the floor when on the centrestand so the profile was app 2" too tall at the back. It doesn't sound much but the difference to the handling is shocking - it was so twitchy when off bolt upright and now it's like it's glued to the road. Cheers, Steve.
  11. No, it's a bit too far from home. I'm getting back into biking following years of car ownership and the xj is my 1st step towards an r1/r6/new fazer/thunderace. Maybe then I'll start going further afield. This is mine after my off end of last year sporting new lights/mirrors etc all fitted whilst in a plastercast... Cheers, Steve.
  12. cidered666

    XJ600N TYRES

    Hi, I had Bridgestones put on mine for commuting/fun - goes like it's on rails
  13. I had an off end of last year resulting in broken wrist etc etc. It turns out that the bike shop had fitted the wrong tyre to my Divvy. I hadn't noticed until cornering on a wet bend. I had assumed what they'd done was a-ok because they were a reputable main dealership - how wrong was I!!! Still, like someone said elsewhere biking is a continual learning experience.
  14. I like my naked xj600. Ok, it's not a sportsbike or classy like pete's german big-bird but it's very reliable handles well and will knock out around 90mph.
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