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  1. Cheers Ogri. have been keeping an eye on ebay aswel, yea they are not too cheep. wouldn't be us buying the headlight, going to be selling a few bits though ..... anyone want to buy a seat or luggage rack. Will also have to look out for a set of 'idiot lights' aswel. Will post some pics of the bike when it is finnished, it is a nice custom. Cheers, Ken
  2. just wandering if anyone had a spare virago starter motor. need one for my dad's bike. can swap or p/x for a luggage rack for the 535, or just plain cash, Cheers, Ken
  3. i would aggree to what's said above, where in scotland are you, give me a shout if you want to go for a ride, i'l show you how i tackle the corners, Ken
  4. mmmm.... the words pre-madona and wanker come to mind ..... someone better put the toys back in the pram before someone trips over.
  5. put you hand over the end of the can/s while it is running, ithe bike should cut out or feel a load of pressure from the exhaust and if it is leaking you will be able to hear it. if you can hear a blow run your hand about 2 inches away from the exhast while it is running and you should feel where it is coming from (carefull though, they exhausts get very hot) Ken
  6. also talking of fugitives, there is a dwarf escaped from prison, he has dark hair and eyes, and is also a phychic..... .................................. Police are wanring there is a small medium at large Ken
  7. I would reccomend them, cheep and cheerful, and can save a lot of work. I just renew mine when i do an annual service, or they look dirty. they are usually only a £1 or less. Ken
  8. always give a nod or a wave, warn of police/speed cameras and stop for any other biker broken down.......for me it's sort of like an unwritten law when it comes to biking, all of my mates do the same aswel.
  9. Been riding all year round as usual. not been too bad, the snow was a bit of a pain though, just took it easy when riding. The roads are a lot better now, have been leaning the bike over a lot more. Starting to wear the outer bits of the tyre now. Take care all, Ken
  10. What i do when i have rusted stud bolts is to give them a gentle tap with a samll ball pin hammer and a rub with a wire brush to remove the rubbish, Then spray it with some lube (WD40 Or similar) I let the lube soak in and spray it a few more times. Then make sure the socket is a good fit, when i have had real rusty nuts i hammer on a smaller sized socket to get a proper grip. Failing that a good set of mole grips. Depending on how rusty the pipes are there are different options. I would give the pipes a gently tap with small hammer to make sure no holes appear. Give me a shout if you need a set of pipes. I have got Motad system going cheap. (cheaper than you'l get them on ebay) Good luck, Ken
  11. Well.... i had a real bad time for a while, for those of you who know what they are, i had a pilonidal sinus, that had to get operated on and packed every day for 6 weeks (got pictures aswel)...near the end of my treatment i was attacked by a dog and badly bitten on both hands (teeth went right down to the bone) then a few months after i was rushed into hospital as a prevouse operation to restructure my stomach came undone, and my stomach twisted and was pushed up into my chest cavity, got a nice foot long scar from that one, but was on morphine for a week after.......started seeing things. Also smashed my front tooth after a volvo srut i was working on smaked me in the mouth, had to get root canal treatment and a crown put on. Got repeditive strain injury from typing this post.................
  12. metal ken

    check this out

    Yeeeeaaaaa......anyone up for donating more tyres
  13. You can fighter nearly anything, there are a lot of cool parts that can bolt onto different models of bikes, and there are some modifications that are easy and look good, if you get a bike, post a pic of it and i'l tell you what i would do to it. Good luck, Ken
  14. I'l have a look for ya Cheers dude, Here's the latest pic of the ZZR, Looks a bit out of proportion from the angle and without the tank, just getting everything mocked up, then will polish it up (machine polish) and paint, it has got a USD front end, single sided back end, german seat unit, Led lights, projector headlights, micron exhaust system, will hopefully have it finnished by the start of the spring (my winter bike is too slow) and make a turbo kit for it in the summer. Started like this but with more fairing Ken
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