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  1. hi, thought i'd let yous know how its getting on. just about finished changed the ignition from points to electronic finished the wiring and got all the chrome bits rechromed, stuck a pair of amal mk2's on it and gave it a kick, hey presto, good things come to those with patience and a big hammer. it's gone from this to this and this its put years on me lol. now though its started blowing oily smoke from the left cylinder, valve stem seals i'm guessing.. new it wouldn't just be easy.
  2. gabby

    Look what i got!

    nice puppy goff. heads a bit big tho hehe ian
  3. try this guy he's good at finding stuff for xs650's... HERE
  4. gabby

    NEWBIE :-)

    hey girlie girl... welcome to this ere forum gadgy.. which part of schotlando do you hail frae? ian
  5. gabby

    Hi all

    hey andy, welcome to the yam forum. ian
  6. my 1% name is ratso and i ride with the heavy horses mc. ian.
  7. gabby

    which dirt bike

    thinking of getting a an off road bike, something of the four stroke variety, about 250 to 500cc, not for any kind of competition just for fun, does anyone have any tips. any kind of info would be welcome.
  8. went out today and had another look at it, it actually looks quite good in the sunshine, i suppose its not all bad, bought a chain and stuck it on , no neutral, funny thing is before i put the engine in the frame it was getting neutral no problem, i guess somethings moved or bent , who knows, suppose i'll have to strip the engine out again but i'm not bothered cos with all the lifting and heaving the engine around i'm beginning to look quite buff , getting a spark now since i finished the wiring, put some petrol in the tank and hey presto, its all over the floor now, floor needed cleaning anyway, guess the float levels arent quite right, i've yet to hear it running but since the exhaust studs are all stripped in the head i'd imagine it'll be quite loud, i suppose i should fix that little problem by buying a new head when i've got it in bits fixing the gearbox, i shouldve just gone and got drunk but i didnt, i took my time and closed the shed door. had enough for now, if i can be bothered i may go and have a look at it when the forks come back from the chromers, though i'm now browsing ebay for another xs to use as a doner, i've no doubt it'll be cheaper. havent given up on it yet, although i bought a new battery for my z1100 and surprise..it fired up first turn of the starter, drove round the block and runs as sweet as sugar. 26 quid for a battery.. so far the xs is at 980 quid and still counting, thats including buyin it, the z cost 500. look before you leap and all that. just as well im very patient.
  9. yes, i know. thanks.... you know how i said in the pc thread.. if it aint broke dont fix it,, well, in this case it didnt look broke but it seems looks can be decieving,, who the fuck puts head nuts on the wrong thread and,, even though it mustve been very difficult,, screws them right down till there tight, mustve used a scaffy pole on the end of the fucking socket, who puts a clutch basket on an engine and doesnt put all the clutch plates in i mean for f*cks sake its not difficult to put back everything, someone somewhere has a box of bits that all go on an xs650 and he's probably wondering how they didnt all go back in. its like comfy bolts,... when you put something back together and theres a bolt leftover,, where did that comfy?
  10. i've had my xs650 chop a while now and its still not roadworthy, every single thing i've looked into on it, taken apart, tried to fix has been botched, never in my life have i come across a so badly put together bike, i suppose thats what i get for buying off fleabay without going and having a look first, let this be a lesson to us all, NEVER and i mean NEVER EVER buy a bike without going and having a look at it first. you would think after 43 years on this world i would have known better but i jumped in feet first cos it was cheap, what a fucking disaster, every nut and bolt ive come across so far has been half arsed, its cost me more than i paid for it in parts. its got to the point where i'm beginning to lose interest. cant believe i was so stupid.. just felt like a rant, you can laugh at me if you want, but theres a lesson to be learned here.. for all you guys and girls new to this biking lark, dont go and buy someone elses shite,, if you dont know what your doing get help, it's too late now for moi, but if this stops someonbe else getting the rip taken out of them then good.. what a fucking disaster this bike has turned out to be.
  11. gabby

    New kid in town

    nice bikes them what you have, whatsit like then, got a photo?
  12. i say if it aint broke dont try to fix it....
  13. gabby

    New kid in town

    hello and welcome, theres not a lot of peeps on at the mo hence why no ones said hi but i'm here so 'hi'
  14. i just put a load of wiring threads on another thread but i'll do it again since yer not everybody.. try here, or here
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