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  1. is listening to a Motorhead compilation "aces up my sleeve" £1.99 good bit heavy rockin' can't drive to it though as I'll break the speed limit!!

  2. my baby is 16 tomorrow, where have all those years gone?

    1. blackhat250


      yeh & she was born wen you were 45, , mature parent you "

  3. panto tonight instead of scouts, off to do a workout now in the free gym

  4. just been to see Sharon and Bryan Wed. Lovley ceremony if a little unusual, especially bring me sunshine at the end LOL super 1960's bus outside

  5. loves his family very much and loves high ropes :)

  6. off to challenge 4 change in 2 hours, its an indoor high ropes course

  7. is pleased Luisa did well for her GCSE's and Enzo has moved up guitar class to do bon Jovi

  8. Happy Birthday to my son, who has disowned me on facebook!!

  9. watched girl who kicked a hornets nest, what a great film. whats with all these good foreign film all of a sudden!!

  10. belly's gonna get ya! belly's gonna get ya!.. Belly,Belly,Belly,Belly,Belly,Belly

  11. RIP Jerry Rafferty

  12. just watched "the secret their eyes" what an amazing film. sub titled though as its Argentinian

  13. gonna try this buddy runner on android

  14. Tron was ace. Now at Chinese all we van eat mmm

  15. Is watching carry on Caesar and listening to rock radio top 500

  16. has got tickets for tron at IMAX in 3D wednesday

  17. off the bowlers computer market tomoz,

  18. Happy Birthday Jesus

  19. has now finished work till next year..Yipeeee!!

  20. just got back from Manchester abd saw Rare exports, what a cracking film even Enzo liked it and it was in Finnish!

  21. is not giving out anymore xmas cards, I am giving money to charity instead

  22. Finished another night in pantoland. Great night and even a bit of adlibing

  23. Having a lovely meal at the quays restaurant with my family

  24. Its Feeeeezing!

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