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  1. ye ur probobly right . thanks m8 . think ya jus saved me from a whole lot of work and a spot of frustrated crying
  2. too bloody slow m8 ha ha . u not reckon i cud?
  3. same colour as mine m8 . nicest in that colour . im getting all my black panels (nearly the whole bike) chromed so wen its done it should look amazing
  4. thanks 4 any help on the subject
  5. i bought a yamaha yzf r125 . will a bigger engine fit in it ? would it be too much work ? what would be the best engine to put in it (east fit and decent power) ?
  6. darzey

    yzf r125

    it has an o2 sensor on the exhaust alright but i havent had a look 4 1 near the box 2 be honest .
  7. darzey

    yzf r125

    i wasnt gonna go into a big load of detail about turbos m8 . i was jus trying to get the point across that them stupid things on the net 4 29.99(not an exact price) r a waste of time . i think that was wat ya man was talking bout coz i dont think e was talking bout spending over a grand on a proper turbo 4 a 125 . my bike is due its 1st service so ill ask yamaha if its restricted coz ive got a full licence so im sure theyd tell me.
  8. darzey

    yzf r125

    your right . i was talking about that to the bike shop when i was getting it . ive a full licence so they were explaining that if the bike was restricted then it would probably be a moped with gears !
  9. darzey

    yzf r125

    ha ha electric turbo things . you must of seen them on the net . there jus fans and they claim it adds 50bhp 2 a car . its bull shit , dont waste your money . a turo holds the air pressure and then releases it in a big blast . totally different from them things . there was a web site that bought 1 and tested it . if i can find it ill post it up . it goes into detail on where they are bull shitting.
  10. darzey

    yzf r125

    i was looking at 250ccs but i like the look a the yammy r125 . would it be hard to fit a 250 engine in it . ? . would the frame support it and be big enough ?
  11. i work doing all modifying on cars (body kits and stuff) i made my own tail tidy from the original one and it looks geat . dead easy 2
  12. if you lived in dublin id of sorted ya out m8 . i work doing that stuff on cars ( and the odd bike)
  13. darzey

    yzf r125

    i made it reach 132kph (about 80 or so mph) i full closed the breather regularor (little black box with 2 pipes joining the exhaust to the air box) so the excess air had to go into the engine instead of being expelled in the exhaust without ever entering the engine . den i made a pipe going from the air box entrance to the grill on the side of the bike (to force air into the engine) .it was only doing 120kph b4 so i got it up 2 the same speed as the rest of the bikes . if yours was doing 84 ,u should get a little more out of it by doing the same. im gonna have a little reasearch into ram air inductions that will fit the bike and c if i can come up with a pipe to go to the front of the bike to get as much power as i can . if i get any results ill let ya know
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