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  1. thanks for the reply. if you have his number that would be great. i dont mind travelling for a good job at the right price. Al
  2. my vance and hines camewith no baffles just straight through and sound loud enough to annoy the neighbours. you can buy baffles seperate that just screw in the end of the pipes but not worth it.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a 97 xvs 650 dragstar classic which is currently black and tan. I live in the midlands and I am looking for a spray job on my front and rear fenders and tank. I want it mainly black with some airbrushing on the tank. Can anyone reccomend anybody and give a rough idea of what sort of prices I should stick to. Thanks for your help..
  4. Hi, I brought my first 650 dragstar this year and i've just fitted some vance and hines short shots that i purchased on ebay, brand new for 250.00. They sound amazing. Certainly sounds as good as it looks now.
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